Love Island’s Faye Winter reveals she suffered a major Botox fail that caused her eyebrows to droop

LOVE Island's Faye Winters has revealed she suffered a major Botox fail.

The 26-year-old estate agent from Devon explained she was left with drooping eyebrows after the injections went wrong.

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"I had Botox done and my Botox had been put in wrong," she said on last night's Unseen Bits.

"Luckily I've got some movement now and I don't ever want Botox again

"But both my eyebrows dropped, but luckily it's worn off now ."

Faye explained that the aesthetician had put the Botox in the wrong muscle so it relaxed all the muscles in her forehead.

"So I was like, 'Oh my god,'" she said.

But they did give her a solution – that ended up in her driving up the M5 holding a vibrator to her forehead.

"The worst thing was I was driving up to London from home and they had said to just put a toothbrush on it because the vibration will start moving the muscle," she explained.

But Faye's toothbrush was in the boot of her car, so she ended up using her vibrator instead.

"I was driving up to London with a f***ing vibrator on my forehead."

"It didn't work but a lesson to all – don't get Botox, Botox is not good for no one."

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