Love Island’s Amy in furious row with Lucie over ditching friendship for lover

The tension ramps up in the Love Island villa as Amy Hart becomes embroiled in a furious row with Lucie Donlan tonight.

Air stewardess Amy is left fuming tonight as she accuses the surfer of spending all her time away from the rest of the girls.

During tonight's episode, Amy confronts Lucie in the kitchen and suggests that they go for a chat.

"We should go and have a girl chat because we never see you anymore," she says. "You’re always with your bloody boyfriend!"

Awkwardly, Joe is also in the kitchen and points out that she is together all the time with Curtis.

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"I’m never with Curtis," she insists.

Later in the Beach Hut, Amy says: "Lucie needed me a lot in the first few days because she needed advice but we never see her anymore.

"Her and Joe just sit on their own. I tried to bring her back into the group because I don’t want her to feel like she isn’t in the group, I was basically told to ‘go away’."

Lucie is tearful over Amy's remarks and seeks comfort in Joe.

"It’s annoying because she is meant to be my closest friend," she says.

"We’ll just worry about what we’re doing," Joe comforts her.

Speaking about her moment between herself and Amy in the Beach Hut, Lucie says: "I’m really happy for her. I don’t know why she can’t be happy for me."

Yet it seems like there is something else on Amy's mind and she says: "I’m annoyed that they [Joe & Lucie] stole our thunder and if they interrupt your ceremony of asking me to be your girlfriend…"

“You need to stop being an attention seeker, missy," Curtis teases her.

But she insists: “I’m not being an attention-seeker but it was our exciting thing.”

"Maybe they’re doing it because they look up to us? Think of it like that rather than they’re copying you or stealing your limelight," Curtis replies.

When she suggests that they're moving too fast, Curtis insists: "It’s none of your business. If they want to force it then let them force it."

This leads Amy to worry that she is pushing Curtis away.

She says in the Beach Hut: "Deflated is the word I feel like. Last night I was so excited and we had such a lovely evening. He doesn’t seem to understand why I am feeling the way I am feeling."

The next day, Amy tries to sort things out between her, Lucie and Joe.

"I just wanted to come over and clear the air and explain how I was feeling yesterday," Amy says. "We came back from the Hideaway and it had been a really special occasion and we became exclusive.

"I came back and told all you girls and then an hour later you two were exclusive as well."

Lucie replies: “You’ve never had a boyfriend before so it’s a really big thing for you.”

Has Amy ruined her relationship with Curtis and friendship with Lucie over jealousy?

*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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