Love Island viewers brand Amber Gill ‘rude’ while Dom Lever and Nadia Essex SLAM her for behaviour towards Callum Macleod

Amber Gill coupled up with Callum Macleod as the hit ITV2 dating show returned, yet she soon made a U-turn towards him.

The 21 year old Newcastle beauty initially called Callum, 28 a “gentleman”, before later branding him "too nice”.

Former Love Island star Dom Lever wrote: “Amber saying Callum is too nice. what does she expect him to be an a**ehole straight off the bat #loveisland.”

Nadia Essex also commented on the situation as she wrote on Twitter: “Whoa Amber is going to pie her choice after just 10 mins. This lot are savage!!!!! #LoveIsland.”

A viewer wrote: “Why is amber being so rude, dont say you want a gentleman then say he’s too mature for you?? This girl clearly aint looking for a proper relationship #LoveIsland.” [sic]

A second said: “How can Amber say I want a gent, have a conversation with him then say he’s too nice? #LoveIsland.”

Others wrote: “Ok Amber is just plain rude #loveisland” and: “I‘m not liking amber. how can she judge him that quick and say he’s boring just bc he’s older. there’s a certain way to say things love #LoveIsland.” [sic]

After Amber and Callum coupled up, they discussed their ages.

Upon learning that he is 28, Amber looked shocked and said: “Ahhh! So you’re old then.”

In his promo clip, aircraft engineer Callum revealed that he is an old-fashioned romantic.

aircraft engineer. He said: ”I hate cheating, I can’t stand it. I don’t understand why people want to do it. I’m all for being single, having a laugh and doing what you’ve got to do but I don’t understand why you would want to hurt someone at the same time. I’d rather just say ‘I don’t want to be with you’ and then go off. No, I wouldn’t cheat."

"I like morals and loyalty. If I was in the villa and a girl was with a lad and was trying to crack on with someone else, I’d rather the girl be honest and went to the boy straight away. I don’t like it when people are slimy."

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