Love Island spoiler – Curtis and Amy disappear to bathroom for secret session

The Love Island couples are already getting used to life in the villa – but some of them have taken things further than others.

And tonight's episode sees two of the Islanders get steamy in the bathroom as they break off from the main group for some alone time.

Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart – who have already backed themselves as the strongest couple in the villa – go off for a naughty private make-out session in tonight's episode.

The two are having a romantic moment together in the garden when Curtis tells Amy: "You look gorgeous tonight."

She thanks him and reaches over to give him a kiss, resulting in bright red lipstick all over Curtis' mouth.

"You're covered in lipstick now!" she warns him. "Is mine everywhere?"

"No it’s not bad. Oh wait, yes, it is!" he tells her, inspecting her face.

Air stewardess Amy then heats things up by telling him to come with her to the bedroom.

"Can we make a break for it to the bedroom to get a face wipe?" she whispers.

The pair join hands and strut into the villa, away from the prying eyes of the other Islanders.

They head into the bathroom to get a wipe, but Amy flirtatiously suggests: "We might as well have one more kiss before we wipe it all off."

The couple laugh and make out away from the group, clearly enjoying their private moment.

Later on, Amy confesses to the Beach Hut cameras that she's already seeing a future with Curtis.

"Lesson learned. Don't wear red lipstick in the villa while you#re…well he's not my boyfriend, while you're in a coupling!" she laughs.

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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