Love Island fans livid as they ‘work out’ Mike’s game plan in Shaughna revenge

Tonight's Love Island saw the lads over in Casa Amor getting closer to the new girls, while most of the girls at the main villa were fretting they'd end up single.

One of the guys making a move was Callum Jones, who is coupled up with Shaughna Phillips, who was carrying on in his pursuit of Molly Smith.

Mike Boateng told Callum that Shaughna wouldn't be happy if he went back to the villa with a new girl, but was also pushing him to go after Molly.

Fans think they've worked out that Mike is purposely wanting to annoy Shaughna by pushing Callum to Molly, after they clashed earlier in the series.

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Shaughna made it clear she thought Mike was playing a game with dumped islander Leanne Amaning, though they reunited and Shaughna returned to being Mike's "little sister".

One viewer wrote: "Mike doesn't like Shaughna and he can't get to Shaughna. So he's pushing Callum to pick Molly so it can hurt Shaughna. That's fed strategic."

Another said: "Mike doesn't like Shaughna and he can't hurt Shaughna's feelings because she's a stronger woman. So he's pushing Callum to pick Molly so it can hurt Shaughna. Mike f*** off you melt. No one likes you."

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A third commented: "Mike's a little twerp as well. Giving it all 'my little sister' to Shaughna. Yeah alright."

Someone else tweeted: "How is Mike saying 'I'm tight with Shaughna' yet still proceeds to tell Callum to give Molly a little 'something something' Sorry what? Mike I'm about to swing you into that pool by your own hand cuffs in a minute."

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A fifth added: "Mike definitely hates Shaughna the way he's encouraging Callum to move to Molly."

And someone else said: "The fact that Shaughna calls Mike her older bro and he's actually encouraging Callum to crack on."

The episode ended with Callum snogging Molly – and not during part of a game of challenge.

Is poor Shaughna's heart about to get broken?

Love Island continues tomorrow night at 9pm on ITV2

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