Love Island fans baffled by Lucie not brushing her hair and say she looks like she's been 'dragged through a bush'

LOVE Island fans have questioned why Lucie Donlan isn't brushing her hair, admitting that they are baffled by her wild mane.

The 21-year-old surfer entered the villa last Monday with her long blonde locks styled into stunning mermaid-inspired waves.

However, as time has gone on Lucie has seemingly ditched the beachy crimp for a more unkempt bedhead vibe – and viewers don't understand why.

Flocking to social media, fans have begged Lucie to bring back her Day Dot look – admitting that they have found her hair distracting.

One wrote: "Does Lucie ever brush her hair? Because compared to how she came in, a lot has changed."

Another tweeted: "I wish Love Island was like the Hunger Games and I could drop Lucie in a tangle teezer.


A third shared: "There’s hundreds of pounds worth of hair care and Dyson products in that villa so why on earth does Lucie look like she’s been dragged through a bush?

"Brush ya hair man, jeez."

Other eagle-eyed fans noticed the Islander's hair extensions as she snuggled up to partner Joe Garratt in bed one morning.

One distressed fan tweeted: "I’m sorry but Lucie’s hair extensions are inspiring a deep anxiety within me. "

Another wrote: "They keep showing close ups of her extensions which are showing, so embarrassing, she needs a better specialist!"

Lucie has been having a difficult time on the ITV2 dating show in recent days, with Amy Hart accusing her of "stealing her thunder" when she and Joe went exclusive just hours after Amy and Curtis Pritchard.

Amy also slammed the blonde beauty for ditching the other girls in favour of spending time with Joe.

Viewers then turned on Lucie in last night's episode after she confessed that she was only on the show to "find a boyfriend".

She told the Beach Hut: "I still go over to the girls so I don't know where she's come from in that way.

"I'm here to find a boyfriend, so that's what I'm going to be doing."

The comment rubbed fans up the wrong way, with one tweeting: "Lucie: 'I'm in here to find a boyfriend & that's what I'm gonna do'.Love Island's Lucie Donlan says she's only here to 'find a boyfriend' after clash with Amy Hart


"Yes love but you can make friends too, why do some girls think it's one or the other, you can have both."

Another sniped: "Lucie’s being one of them girls that cuts their mates off when they get a man.

"So if it goes tits up who you going to hun? Balance is key – time with your boyfriend and time with your girls."

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