Little People's Amy Roloff has '22 days until she's married' after she's ripped for 'making wedding about herself'

Amy Roloff is counting down the days until her wedding to fiancé Chris Marek.

On Instagram stories on Friday the 56-year-old Little People Big World star marked "22 days" until her wedding which she called "wild".

Sharing a snap of herself standing in a field of flowers, Amy wrote: "It's a wildflower day! And a wild 5 year ride w/ Chris"

"22 days til I get married" she added. "Wild!"

Amy and Chris, 59, will tie the knot at Roloff Farms in Hillsboro, Oregon on August 28th.


As the couple has shared their wedding planning process with fans, some have slammed the motivational speaker for her "controlling" nature.

During a recent episode, the pair had an argument over how many people to invite to the ceremony and what to give their guests as parting gifts.

“This process shakes me up a little bit," Amy told the cameras in a confessional.

“As a wedding favor type of gift, I thought it would be really cool to give the guests a hand-painted rock," she explained.

“I chose the rock thing because it seemed like almost every hike or every adventure or place that we went to, I always found a rock and so, I don’t know, rock just seemed like a good thing and hopefully our relationship is gonna be rock solid.”

Chris replied that he would "add it to a list” but still think of other ideas for party favors.

But Amy was not amused, as she replied curtly: “This will be the wedding favor. We don’t need any more wedding favors. One wedding favor. It’s gonna be the rock.”


Fans raced to Twitter to slam the TV star for being "selfish" and not listening to her fiancée's suggestions.

"Amy is still being very controlling when it comes to the wedding planning!!" one ranted.

Another agreed: "Ugh, Amy wants EVERY thing her way!! Chris’ ideas aren’t even considered."

While the reality star and her man are set to tie the knot on her ex Matt Roloff's famous pumpkin farm, it seems her ex-husband will not be attending the wedding.

Matt and Amy were married for 27 years, and have four children: Jeremy and Zach, both 31, Molly, 27, and Jacob, 24.

They also four grandchildren, Jackson, four, Ember, three, Lilah, one, and Bode, one.

Recently, Jeremy's wife, Audrey, announced they are expecting their third child.

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