Katie Price calls police on HERSELF to ask ‘permission’ to deliver bath bombs after being reported for breaking rules

KATIE Price had a hilariously awkward encounter with a fan who didn't recognise the star on her very own doorstep.

The mum-of-five, 42, decided to personally hand deliver some of her bath bombs to her loyal fans.

But one fan almost missed the opportunity to meet the famous Katie when she mistook her for a regular delivery driver.

The woman opened her door and while she was excited to receive the unexpected goodie, didn't realise it was Katie herself dropping it off.

"For me?" the oblivious fan said and then replied "lovely" when Katie told her they were bath bombs.

She then picked up the box from her doorstep in gratitude before shutting her door.

Katie was able to get around lockdown travel restrictions after checking with police herself.

One fan who received the special delivery asked how Katie could be travelling from her home in Essex.

"I checked with police because everyone complained when I put it on social media, and they said it was fine because I was filming," she told the excited fan.

Her phone call to the police came after disgruntled fans last month shopped her to police after she nipped to Essex restaurant Sheesh to collect a takeaway, and then visited customers who had bought her bath bombs.

The Sun revealed Katie, 42, was warned again about the definition of essential travel by cops twice in February.

Our insider said: "Police went round yesterday and spoke to Katie and Carl about essential travel and what is within the rules and what isn't.

"Katie hasn't done anything wrong – she was working – but it sounds like her own fans reported her for the trip to Sheesh (restaurant) and for driving around surprising people who'd bought her bath bombs.

"She put both on social media. She's now scrapped trips to meet fans face to face and will video call people instead."

Katie's rep confirmed she'd been spoken to by officers of the law, adding: "I can confirm that the Essex police did make a visit but to my best knowledge no fine was incurred."

Katie's boyfriend Carl Woods also ranted about police turning up at their door on Instagram last night.

"I just had the police back at the door again," he told fans on Instagram.

"This time because we had Sheesh takeaway last night and someone reported us saying it's 'unessential' that we went to Sheesh to get takeaway.

"What is wrong with you people? You're just wasting police time.

"I'm just going to carry on, living the way I live and so is Kate because we're doing nothing wrong."

The Sun previously revealed that Katie and Carl had been spoken to by police after they were accused of breaking lockdown rules on Valentine's Day.

Essex Police told The Sun it "found no breach had been committed" by the loved-up pair.

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