Kate Quigley, Victim Of Venice, Calif. Drug OD That Claimed Comedian Fuquan Johnson, Speaks Out For First Time

UPDATE, SUNDAY, SEPT. 12:  Comedian Kate Quigley has spoken for the first time following her recovery from ingesting fentanyl-laced cocaine that claimed three friends.

“Hi guys. Upon being released from the hospital, I’ve finally had the time & clarity to put my feelings on paper. Mean this from the bottom of my heart,” Quigley wrote on Twitter and Instagram posts.

“I feel overwhelmed by the outpouring of kind messages and am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by a strong community of friends, family, colleagues, and fans who have offered their support during this time; and to the team of paramedics, nurses, and doctors who saved my life,” she wrote. “I am still shocked & devastated by the loss of my friends Fu, Rico, and Natalie. Words cannot describe the pain I am feeling & I will be changed forever by their passings.”

She continued, “Fu was a generous, loving soul,” she wrote. “He was hilarious, supportive, and incredibly authentic with the most infectious spirit. Rico was always filled with enthusiasm & Natalie was so kind and endearing. They each made an indelible mark on my life and the lives of their loved ones. I will miss them.”

Quigley concluded her posts with a promise to speak more in the future.

“There are so many more things i want to say, but I’m not ready,” she said. “When I am, I will. Until then, all I can say is: Tell your people that you love them every day. Stay safe. And please don’t take life for granted. I did, and I never will again.”

UPDATED, 4:01 PM: Police have identified comedians Ricky Angeli and Natalie Williamson as the other two victims who died at a Venice, CA, house party over the weekend.

They, along with comedian and television writer Fuquan Johnson, are believed to have ingested cocaine laced with the powerful painkiller fentanyl.

Comedian Kate Quigley, the other victim of the laced drug, is still alive but said to be lucid only for brief moments, according to her mom.

“Thank you everyone for your prayers and positivity. Kate is stable. She still isn’t lucid for more than a moment at a time. We are optimistic that she will recover (tho it won’t be quick),” her mother, Fran Wyles, wrote in a Facebook post.

PREVIOUSLY: Fuquan Johnson, a writer for the TV series Comedy Parlour Live, has died along with two other unidentified victims after apparently overdosing on fentanyl-laced cocaine at a Venice, Calif. party on Friday.

TMZ reported that two other victims were pronounced dead at the scene. Kate Quigley, a comedian and the ex-girlfriend of Darius Rucker, was in a Los Angeles hospital. At least three others were hospitalized in serious condition.

The other victims were not identified pending a medical examiner’s report.

The synthetic painkiller Fentanyl has been showing up on the party circuit of both coasts in the US. The powerful drug has been implicated in the deaths of Prince, Mac Miller and Tom Petty, among others.

Johnson was 42 and a frequent performer on the Los Angeles comedy circuit. Quigley has appeared in The Office, the fan film project Star Trek: Hidden Frontier, and the TV mini-series Guber.

Police have not given details on who supplied the drugs or whether others may have been affected at the party.

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