Kardashian fans stunned after Kris Jenner posts very rare unedited photo of her real skin including wrinkles | The Sun

KRIS Jenner has shocked Kardashian fans by posting an untouched photo of her and her granddaughter Stormi.

For Kylie Jenner's daughter's birthday, Kris shared a sweet and long-winded post on Instagram to honor Stormi.

She shared several photos of Stormi throughout the years and some photos of the grandmother-granddaughter duo, but the first photo in the set is getting a lot of attention.

The photo shows Kris holding Stormi in a close hug at a Kylie Cosmetics and Ulta launch event.

Kris is wearing a fabulous hot pink blazer with tons of buttons and floral details.

Stormi is wearing a fun metallic silver matching set that makes her look very futuristic.

Unlike most photos the KUWTK family posts, this one appears to be completely unedited, including Kris' face.

When zoomed in, the wrinkles and lines on Kris' eyes are visible and even more pronounced because of her giant smile.

Her smile lines and the wrinkles on her neck are also visible, but she still looks amazing.


After seeing this post and its unedited nature, a Reddit user created a thread to discuss the grandmother's appearance.

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The title of the thread is: "You know Kris is firing the person that posted this picture of her on her IG account because it shows her actual face (which is NORMAL) #quitfilteringyourself."

Someone commented: "She does look great however she is not known for posting unfiltered, unairbrushed, unphotoshopped pictures of herself on her social media accounts."

Another said: "I know she's had a lot of work done, but holy s*** lady you're 67 years old.. she looks amazing for her age."

A third fan commented: "This is exactly what they should do tho. This is relatable and has people going wow she looks amazing. Not the pseudo-photoshop and looking younger than her kids look – that isn’t good."


Since all of her children, minus Kendall, have kids other own, Kris already has 11 grandchildren. Still, she's made some major mistakes that kicked her out of the running for the grandmother of the year.

Actually, Kris has admitted that she sometimes forgets some of them altogether.

She confessed on The Martha Stewart Podcast that she doesn't know all the kids' names and birthdays.

She said: "I'm lucky I know 11 grandchildren's names. I could get pretty close; I could get pretty close."

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