Jennifer Lopez 'set to drop Armie Hammer as her co-star in new rom-com' after 'cannibal' sex texts

JENNIFER Lopez is set to drop Armie Hammer as her co-star in her new rom-com, The Sun Online can reveal.

The American actor has recently made headlines for his 'twisted' bedroom fantasies, which were allegedly revealed in a series of NSFW messages.

And now in light of the scandal, Armie's upcoming role opposite JLo in action-comedy Shotgun Wedding is in jeopardy.

A source told us: "Jennifer is very concerned about the movie now these stories have come out.

"There have been a lot of phonecalls and meetings about if they can still make the movie with Armie as the romantic lead.

"A lot of people have suggested quietly dropping him from the project and I think Jennifer could agree to it," the insider added.

"She's a producer on the movie – does she want to act with him and pretend to be in love with someone who's been accused of texting those things?

"Will anyone want to see him play a romantic lead after this?

"Jennifer is horrified by the stories – I'd be surprised if he still has the part by the time filming starts."

Jennifer's rep has been approached by The Sun Online. 

News of the film, which is due to start filming early this year, was announced in October by and was being produced by Lopez's Nuyorican Productions as well as Ryan Reynolds.

According to the publication, the movie follows, "Darcy (Lopez) and Tom (Hammer), who gather their lovable but very opinionated families for the ultimate destination wedding just as the couple begin to get cold feet.

"And if that wasn’t enough of a threat to the celebration, suddenly everyone’s lives are in danger when the entire party is taken hostage."

Armie's possible cinematic fallout comes three days after he trended on Twitter when a series of graphic Instagram DMs he allegedly sent to a woman were leaked publicly.

In the shocking alleged messages were graphic accounts of sex acts and talks of cannibalism, with one message saying: "I am 100% a cannibal" while another discussed "drinking blood".

The disturbing messages are thought to have been sent between 2016 and February 2020 – while Armie was still married to Elizabeth.

They separated last July after 10 years of marriage.

Armie's accuser claimed she has shared exchanges that he allegedly sent to her and other women.

One screenshot reads: "I am 100 per cent a cannibal. I want to eat you."

Others talk about calling a woman their "slave" and wanting to "cut off their toe".

"You just live to obey and be my slave. If I wanted to cut off one of your toes and keep it with me in my pocket so I always had a piece of you in my possession?" one text says.

"I feel like the same way you are on one side of the slave spectrum, I am on the other side of the master spectrum and I can't ever imagine another slave."

"I don't even want one [another 'slave]. I would never feel as strongly. F**k. Too drunk and honest."

The message continues: "You are mine and I am yours. No matter what happens. And we've tested that to the extremes. Your master.

"I decided when you eat, when you sleep, when you c**, when you use the bathroom. Everything. Promise. F**king promise. You don't get to think about doing anything except what I say."

Armie has not publicly addressed the allegations. His rep has not responded to several requests from The Sun for comment.

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez – who was seen on a date with Armie in September – has claimed the disturbing texts are "real".

Jessica tweeted: "If you are still questioning whether or not those Armie Hammer DMs are real (and they are) maybe you should start questioning why we live in a culture willing to give abusers the benefit of the doubt instead of victims."

Amid the leaked messages, an audio clip is being circulated on Twitter, which purports to be Armie talking about "risque messages" he'd sent to someone during a "kink-based relationship".

In the clip, the male voice says: "They were very risqué DMs with someone I was involved with in very much a sort of kink-based relationship, if you will.

'So a lot of s**t was said that also most people don’t relate to. It’s kink, its niche, it’s fetish – so that’s bad."

"So if that wasn’t bad enough, imagine this: You’re having sex with someone and you say something in the heat of the moment …

"… if someone comes up to you and says 'Oh my god, I heard you said this…' out of context, out of the heat of the moment, out of that safe place where it sounds perfect to say – it’s a little cringey."

The actor – who has two children with his ex-wife Elizabeth – made headlines in 2017 when he liked a series of tweets about BDSM and bondage.

In 2013, he revealed he used to be a "dominant lover" but claimed his "sexual appetites changed" during his relationship with Elizabeth.

"Well, if you're married to a feminist, as I am, then it's… I don't know how much we can put here without my parents being embarrassed, but I used to like to be a dominant lover," he told Playboy.

"I liked grabbing the neck and the hair and all that. But then you get married and your sexual appetites change," he added.

"And I mean that for the better – it's not like I'm suffering in any way.

"So it becomes a new kind of thing that's less about 'I want to dominate you' and more about both of us having a really good time. It's just a different style."

The Call Me By Your Name star is currently fighting for custody of his kids with Elizabeth – daughter Harper, six, and son Ford, three.

Back in October, Armie reportedly demanded Elizabeth return their children to the United States from the Cayman Islands.

The actor claimed he "hasn't seen the children in months" as Elizabeth remained in the Cayman Islands despite reportedly vowing to come back to the US.

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