Jacob's cliff rescue and Dylan's care home mystery continues in Casualty

It’s a double helping of Casualty tonight, with two distinct episodes that provide major drama for Rash (Neet Mohan), Jacob (Charles Venn), Dylan (William Beck) and Stevie (Elinor Lawless).

There are some incredibly sad scenes in the first episode as Rash realises how much his father Ashok (Kriss Dosanjh)’s dementia has deteriorated. In flashbacks to happy, sunlit times we see Ashok driving along with his little boy, Rash, in the back of the car – but it quickly becomes clear that the scenes are in Ashok’s mind and in reality he’s at the wheel of a car and in deadly danger.

Rash soon realises that his dad’s problems are far worse than he feared and his illness has made him a risk to himself and others. But has he lost his father for good?

Meanwhile Rash’s relationship with Paige (Shalisha James-Davis) is under strain as she struggles with her workload plus the pressure of helping to look after Ashok – while also having the disciplinary hearing hanging over her. Teddy (Milo Clarke) provides a sympathetic ear – but could there be more than friendship developing between them?

Someone else in need of support is Stevie, who is still getting bad reviews and has another bad day when a patient’s relative accuses her of being rude and patronising. Stevie always has her old friend Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) to encourage her through tough times – but not for long if Marcus (Adam Sina) has his way as he attempts to drive a wedge between the two women. And with Marcus making sure that Stevie continues to get bad reviews – basically because he’s writing them himself – it seems he won’t rest until he’s destroyed her.

The second episode sees Jacob (Charles Venn) going all out to rescue a badly injured man, in scenes that will have you marvelling at Jacob’s physical and medical prowess one minute and hiding behind your hand the next, as the patient’s injury is absolutely brutal. He’s fallen from a cliff and has been there for three days by the time Jacob finds him and things are not looking good. Can Jacob overcome the odds and save him?

Dylan is still pursuing the mystery of why patients with a connection to the Willco House care home seem to be showing a pattern of abuse, following the discovery that his former teacher and other people connected to the home had suspicious marks on them and seemed terrified.

When an elderly patient called Brian is admitted from a different care home Dylan soon discovers a connection with Willco House and when he hears Brian arguing with his carer, Dean, Dylan is immediately suspicious. Has he finally got to the bottom of the mystery? Or is he about to land himself in trouble after ignoring Marcus’s warnings to let the matter drop?

“We’re at breaking point.”

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Elsewhere, a new agency nurse has the shift from hell, Robyn (Amanda Henderson) is riled by a talkative cleaner who has plenty of opinions about Paul (Paul Popplewell), and Marty (Shaheen Jafargholi) debuts a new hairstyle.

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