Inside Gino D’Acampo’s £1.25m Herdfordshire and Italian homes with huge kitchen and superhero toy collection – The Sun

GINO D'Acampo is known for making us laugh with his cooking stints on This Morning, but the famous chef actually splits his time between the UK and Italy.

Gino, 43, shares several beautiful properties with his wife Jessica and their three children; Luciano, 18, Rocci, 14, and seven-year-old Mia.

Fans have been given a glimpse of the family's £1.25m Herdfordshire on Gino's Instagram page, and it's certainly impressive.

Unsurprisingly, Gino's UK home is fitted with a very large kitchen to ensure he can continue doing what he does best.

The large room features a gigantic double stove and oven, sleek marble kitchen tops and cream cupboards.

There's also a huge window seat covered in cushions for when Gino wants to gaze out into his garden, and a large dining room attached to the kitchen.

The family's living room looks very minimalistic and features grey leather sofas and a large flatscreen television which sits on top of a black and silver cabinet.

Another room where the family can relax appears to be a lot more traditional in it's decor and includes a red velvet sofa, a large fireplace and a chandelier with wooden floors.

In the bedroom, there's a huge wooden bed frame against pale blue walls and a cheeky sign above where Gino sleeps which reads: "Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir?" which is French for: "Want to sleep with me tonight?"

And proving that he's still a big kid at heart, Gino even has a special place in his Hertfordshire home for his epic collection of superhero memorabilia.

The Itallian Stallion is a huge fan of Marvel and comic book characters and has a huge cupboard when he keeps all of his precious items.

Gino's home in Sardinia is just as cosy, but a lot more rustic and even comes equipped with a wood fired pizza oven – perfect for when he needs to cook and entertain guests.

In a recent Instagram post, Gino cooked up a storm in his Italian kitchen and it seems he’s kept the decor as original as possible, including keeping the original sink.

And outdoors Gina has a beautiful seating area with the most stunning view, which no doubt boasts epic sunsets and ensures they spend hours sat around the dinner table.

Gino's home in Sardinia is also where he keeps his precious red Ferrari – which he no doubt takes for a spin on the winding roads of Italy.

All in all, it seems wherever Gino and his family are residing, they're living a life of comfort and luxury.

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