Im on fire Richard Hammond screams as The Grand Tour car goes up in flames

The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson stars in Lochdown trailer

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The Grand Tour trio returned for another special episode on Amazon Prime, this time Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond headed to Scotland to film due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the new episode Lochdown, Richard was seen screaming as his car burst into flames during a race, and he confused his co-hosts with the rules of their slightly odd new game to determine whether the Americans made the worst cars ever.

“We’re going to do some scientific research,” Jeremy began.

After Richard, James, and Jeremy tried to discover who made the worst cars out of the Soviet Union or America, Richard was left screaming as his car went up in flames during a race.

After he crashed his American car, Richard looked stunned as smoke came out of the hood of the car.

“Oh no, it has died. The car is most definitely on fire now,” as the smoke continued to obscure his vision.

However, he announced to his fellow presenters: “Gentlemen, we may have a winner.”

He was last seen in the race struggling to get out of his crashed car, but was happy with the resile of his ‘win’, exclaiming, “Yes” repeatedly as he left the muddy track.

Earlier, Jeremy explained the point of the race: “Yes, we do like our cars, they’re charismatic and they’re interesting.

“James and Richard currently own Teslas, they’re American cars, but I’m not suggesting for a minute that all American cars are good because they’re not.

“Some of them are terrible and what we’re doing now is plunging deep into the Scottish countryside to conduct an important experiment,” the host continued.

“Who made the worst cars, the Soviet Union or the Americans?”

Richard explained that “what we’re going to do is have a race around this field.

“Us three [will be] in the American cars and three of our most junior and, therefore, expendable researchers in the Soviet cars.

“The rules are simple, the first one out is the winner.”

However, after he revealed the rules of the race, James piped up saying he got it wrong.

“The first one out if the winner, that doesn’t make any sense,” he said.

Jeremy chimed in adding: “There’s no motor race in history where the first one out has won it.”

Richard attempted to explain it again to them: “We’re trying to find the worst car, the worst car would be the first one to conk out.”

James then realised he was correct, with Jeremy adding: “He’s got a point actually!”

Richard looked annoyed as James confirmed: “The loser is the winner. Got it!”

After Hammond won, James was the next out and he proudly claimed second place.

Though Jeremy was upset at the result, saying: “No! I wanted this to be the worst car.”

Representing the USA, Jeremy was driving the Chrysler PT Cruiser, which he earlier declared made him feel “sick”.

The presenter still hated the car, but frustratingly acknowledged it was not the worst one ever. 

The Grand Tour Presents Lochdown is available on Amazon Prime Video now.

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