I wouldnt dare The Cleaners Greg Davies refuses to share Helena Bonham Carter incident


The Cleaner is a new comedy with actor and comedian Greg Davies portraying Wicky who is tasked with cleaning the aftermath of deaths and murders. The BBC One series will feature a number of guest stars including David Mitchell, Stephanie Cole, Donald Sumpter and Ruth Madeley. Episode one will star a very familiar face who is more acquainted with work on the big screen.

The Cleaner will premiere tonight, Friday, September 10, on BBC One.

The first episode of the sitcom is entitled The Widow and will star Davies and film star Helena Bonham Carter.

During her thriving career, Bonham Carter has starred in Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, Ocean’s 8 and Fight Club just to name a few.

She has delved into the world of TV more recently as she played Princess Margaret in Netflix’s The Crown.

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The synopsis for The Widow reads: “Crime scene cleaner Wicky heads to the suburbs to “cleanse” a particularly grizzly murder.

“However, he finds himself continually getting interrupted by people unexpectedly dropping in on the crime scene – including a mysterious, heavily armed woman.”

During a Q&A with press, including Express.co.uk, star Davies talked about what people can expect from the series.

He also told of how there was plenty of mischief going on behind the scenes.

Davies shared: “There was, I’ve seen the blooper reel and it is honestly amazing that I’ve ever been employed in this business.

“If the blooper reel ever makes it out, it’s rank amateurism and a man laughing when he’s supposed to be getting a taking in the can, laughing all the time.

“I laughed so much with all of our guest stars, it was such a fun series to do and I think it’s nice for them because they can get airdropped in for a week and, I hope, have some fun, and then they can leave.

“We had lots of laughs, all of us did.”

He then went on to elaborate that actress Bonham Carter was the most mischievous but refused to explain why.

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Davies added: “I think all of them [the guest stars] brought a different mischief, the most remarkable incident was with Helena Bonham Carter but I simply cannot tell you about it.

“You can ask her, she if she is happy to tell you about it.

“Until I have her expressed permission, I wouldn’t dare. It’s sufficed to say that I laughed a lot.”

Will the actress herself one day reveal exactly what happened when the cameras weren’t on?

The Cleaner is going to be made up of six episodes in total, with a new instalment airing every Friday.

If you’re not keen on waiting for new episodes to be released, then there is an alternative.

Once the first episode is shown on BBC One tonight, the entirety of series one of The Cleaner will be ready to watch on streaming service BBC iPlayer.

The Cleaner starts tonight, Friday, September 10, at 9.30pm on BBC One.

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