Homes Under the Hammer takes awkward turn as Martin Roberts blasts cameraman for 'talking complete rubbish'

HOMES Under the Hammer took an awkward turn as Martin Roberts blasted the cameraman for 'talking complete rubbish'.

The property expert was in full flow as he shared his private disagreement with viewers.

Martin's comments came as they examined a two-bedroomed property up for auction in Birmingham.

The former I'm A Celebrity contestant pointed out some scratches high up on a wall in the corridor, before telling viewers: "I want to engage you in a little debate which I’ve been having with Tom, my cameraman."

He then launched into his tale while gesturing at the unidentifiable marks: "Now, he reckons this is something kind of weird, and I need your support on it because I think what he thinks is talking complete rubbish…

"Here we have the corridor. Here we have wallpaper and I noticed this scratching and Tom the cameraman said ‘that’s a cat’."

Not being able to hide his feelings on how unlikely he thought this could be, Martin, 57, went on: "Now, look how high up it is! How tall am I? Six-foot? How could a cat get there?"

He joked: "Is it like a Mission Impossible cat?

"Is it a feline version of Tom Cruise hanging down some kind of a bungee rope suspending one paw out, scratching this while doing something else, with its other paw?"

Waving his hands about, Martin went on: "I don’t know. I think Tom is talking complete rubbish…

"Do you know a cat which could do that? If so, watch out. A mystery."

Martin has hosted BBC's Homes Under the Hammer since its first show in 2003.

During that time the presenters have seen a lot of dilapidated homes and it was recently revealed that Martin once fell through floorboards in a horror accident at a rickety house.

Show boss and head of Lion TV, Lisa Hazlehurst, told The Guardian: "Martin fell through some floorboards once. We were lucky enough to catch it on camera.”

While Martin escaped unscathed, he recalled another funny incident saying: "This guy bought this house, and it had such bad subsidence that I could roll a Coca-Cola can from one end of the floor to the other – it just rolled down.

“I said to the guy: ‘Can’t you see the floor?’ And he said: ‘Yeah, but it’s on a hill.’”

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