Home and Aways Orpheus Pledge accidentally exposes himself as video goes wrong

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Home and Away actor Orpheus Pledger innocently exposed himself in a steamy shower video for fans on social media.

The 28-year-old, who played the role of Mason Morgan on the Australian favourite, wanted to provide his followers with a memorable clip – and he certainly did just that.

Stepping out of the shower while dripping wet, he showcased his rippling muscles from all angles as he swaggered over to the camera.

As if he was taking part in an advert for shampoo, he ran his fingers through his brown coloured locks while using his other hand to cover his private parts.

Or at least Orpheus thought he was protecting his modesty.

As he stepped forwards, his hand placement moved and momentarily exposed his genitals.

However, those watching were eagle-eyed enough to spy his error and soon after the clip was removed from his feed.

Unable to escape his red faced online moment, the segment was uploaded again on various fan platforms by others.

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His admirers were shocked but also pleased with the footage, so much that they requested for TV star to join OnlyFans.

Orpheus shot to fame on the much loved drama Home and Away in 2016.

After three years on the programme, the actor explained that he and the producers of the show had made a mutual decision that it was time for him to leave.

His exit saw his character caught up in a crossfire after unknown men stormed the hospital with guns which led to Mason's death.

Speaking about his departure he told Now To Love: "I'm so appreciative of all that I got to do, all I got to see, all that I got to learn, all that I got to experience over those almost four years.

"Look, it was an amazing journey, I mean it's humongous, life altering stuff. I wouldn't take any of it back, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I reflect back on it and I just go, far out I had some amazing times.

"It was a joint decision. It was between the production moving forward and setting storylines, and me planning what's going on [with my career]. I signed on for three years and I extended for eight months – I'm just grateful for that! That’s a blessing just in that.

"It was a creative decision because it benefits the show the most at this time."

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