Holly Willoughby hugs Phillip Schofield through plastic sheet as they reunite

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield hugged through a plastic sheet as they reunited on This Morning following their summer break.

The pair have been off our screens for the past seven weeks, but they’re finally back and we couldn’t be happier.

‘How was your break?’ Holly beamed across the way to her presenting buddy who explained talked about filming for his revived TV show The Cube.

‘I did The Cube for the first time in six years which was amazing, it was the best series we have ever made,’ he said.

‘And we played it with two people so they were in their own bubble, they had games where there were two of them or there were single games.’

He then revealed the show would be out in October, before adding: ‘I’m probably not supposed to have said that.’

Holly noted that she too had enjoyed her time off, despite her family holiday being cut short.

‘I did just get out of quarantine so I’m like, “there are real people around,”‘ she then said of her holiday: ‘It was pretty bad timing but it was worth it!’

And while they were allowed to sit at a distance from each other on the set, Holly and Phil revealed they had figured out a way they can hug each other.

We’re slightly jealous.

Heading over to a plastic screen, Holly stood on one side, while Phil made his way to the other seeing the pair put their hands through arm holes.

They then cuddled each other for the first time since before the start of lockdown – and it was a real moment.

Holly had to be in quarantine for two weeks after returning from her time away in Portugal.

At the time she came home early, a source told the Mail Online: ‘Holly accepts that she has to go into quarantine and will follow the rules.

‘The summer break is her chance to re-charge after a hectic period and to spend time with her family.’

This Morning continues weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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