Here’s the Deal with Reality Steve, the Man Behind All Those ‘Bachelor‘ Spoilers

There is only one person who knows Bachelor Nation better than Chris “Somebody Save Me” Harrison, and it’s the man, the myth, the legend known as Reality Steve. This dude has accurately predicted almost every Bachelor winner since the dawn of time. He was instrumental in uncovering the truth behind this season’s Bachelorette mess, and he’s made a literal business out of spoiling the show. Any true Bachelor fan reads Reality Steve’s spoilers religiously, and in my humble opinion, ABC should be paying him for all his free promo…instead of suing him (but lol, more on that in a moment).

So whomst is Steve? It’s time to pull back the curtain on everything there is to know about the man behind your favorite website. Um, other than 😇

His Real Name Is Stephen Carbone

Thanks to a truly ancient New York Times profile from 2015, we know Steve was raised in Southern California and started out in sports radio. At the time he was single, but now Steve appears to be dating Big Brother alum Kat Dunn. He revealed as much during an Instagram Live, saying “Kat and I have been seeing each other. If people want to know, that’s who I’ve been spending time with, yes.”

Unfortunately, because the internet can be truly woof, some fans were less than kind—prompting Steve to post this:

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