Gogglebox star Tom Malone Jnr reveals heartache as model girlfriend is targeted by racist trolls

GOGGLEBOX'S Tom Malone Jnr has revealed his heartache after his model girlfriend Bryony Briscoe was targeted by racist trolls.

Tom was forced to hit back at racist trolls AGAIN as the love of his life was cruelly targeted.

 A heartbroken  Tom  addressed fans on social media after some cruel comments were aimed at his mixed-race girlfriend.

Tom and Bryony started dating in June after meeting through mutual friends.

The 26-year-old was doing in an Instagram Q&A with Bryony in their flat when they revealed their hell at the hands of bigots.

He said: "At the end of the day just be with who you wanna be with and be happy."

One fan – who said they were in an inter-racial relationship – asked the pair if they’d faced any difficulties.

Tom confessed: “I mainly just get trolls. They are always behind a fake account and they just post like the usual stupid things like monkey emojis that clearly aren’t original. “

Bryony added: “Wannabe slave, that’s another one.”

University graduate and model Bryony added: “I also get people telling me not to date outside my race but they don’t realise that I am mixed race and then when they realise that it is ‘well, you are what your father is’ and I become white so what is it?”

Tom added: “Yeah, at the end of the day just be with who you wanna be with and be happy because these people aren’t even brave enough to have their own name or faces on their account so just piss them off even more by being happy because that’s the biggest middle finger.”

It's not the first time Tom has had to stand up for their interracial relationship.

Tom was forced to hit back at racist trolls AGAIN last October.

He told fans racism is still "a massive issue" after receiving another vile comment about his stunning partner on his Instagram.

Tom, who shot to fame alongside his family, the Malones, on hit series Gogglebox back in 2014,had shared a photo himself with his 150k followers.

He took to Twitter to reveal a vile troll spouted racist abuse under the pic.

Sharing the screenshot, the comment read: "Where's ya bird.???" alongside a banana and monkey emojis.

Tom told his followers: "This happened minutes ago… 2020. Racism is a massive issue in the UK whether you want to admit it or not."


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