Go away Jeremy Vine cuts off rude caller for insulting guests

Jeremy Vine tells 'rude' caller to ‘go away’ after offending guest

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During Tuesday’s Jeremy Vine, the Channel 5 host invited guests Jacqui Smith and Dominique Samuels to discuss the latest news headlines. They discussed topics ranging from whether they will continue to wear a mask after July 19, to the racist abuse some of the England players faced following their loss to Italy in the Euro 2020 final. Things quickly took a turn during a phone-in section when one caller named Adrian, shared his views on whether it was right to blame the Government for racism in football.

Adrian phoned into the programme to address Dominique’s comments about whether it’s appropriate for football players to take to the knee before a match.

Dominique had previously said she didn’t approve” of the football players taking to the knee before the game as she claimed it was “overblown”.

She also claimed it is not the right way to protest racism and it “wasn’t enough”.

“No everyone who is sceptical of this is a massive racist,” she said to Adrian.

Chipping into the conversation, Jeremy explained: “There might be reasons for not taking to the knee?”

Dominique’s remarks appeared to anger the caller, as he replied: “It is black right-wingers like yourself that enable the racism.”

Hitting back Dominique said: “No, it’s called me having a different opinion than you.”

“No, it’s you being a ring-wing gammon,” Adrian raged.

A baffled Dominique questioned the caller’s remark as Jacqui Smith weighed in: “I don’t think that is fair.

“Dominique, surely the problem here is that I don’t think people were booing taking the knee.

“Because they were saying ‘I don’t like the Marxist connotations of footballers taking the knee’.

“It was because they didn’t want footballers protesting against racism. That’s why they were doing it.”

“And if you didn’t stand up against that, then you facilitated that racism.”

Turning his attention to Adrian, Jeremy said he “should apologise” to Dominique for his offensive comment.

“You can’t call her that,” he told him. “You can’t. It’s just rude mate.”

“She obnoxious,” Adrian hit back as Jeremy shouted: “It’s an argument. It’s not about insulting people. Go away.”



The segment sparked fury with viewers, and many took to social media to share their thoughts.

One simply penned: “Rightly got cut off.”

Another said: “Caller Adrian calls Dominique Samuels “a right-wing gammon” & won’t apologise.” (sic)

A third wrote: “Oh, FGS Adrian calling someone a gammon is racist as well. When you use terms like this you lose your argument.” (sic)

Jeremy Vine airs weekdays at 9.15am on BBC One.

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