‘Get him off GMB’ Richard Madeley savaged over ‘condescending and sexist’ remark to guest

GMB: Richard Madeley comments on the BBC's new logo

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Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley has been slammed by viewers with calls for him to be removed from the ITV breakfast show. Whilst debating the Netflix phenomenon Squid Game and the violence it presents to young children with parent expert Jane Evans, Richard made some controversial comments calling her “darling” whilst trying to get his point across.

Viewers of the show were unhappy with Richard’s comments made towards Jane and took to Twitter to call him out on his behaviour.

Kareema Bareema posted: “Omg no way did he just call her darling how condescending and sexist vomit #GMB.”

Dawn Campbell remarked: “Wow @goodmorningbritain Richard madely closing a woman down from talking saying wait a minute ‘darling’ …. patronising much?”

“FGS it’s not ok and completely unprofessional for Richard Madeley to call the expert he’s interviewing ‘Darling’ @ GMB #GMB,” Mrs Nash tweeted.

Twitter user @Debsjweird posted: “Did Richard Madeley just call Jane Evans ‘darling’ whilst trying to interject her talking… How condescending!

“You don’t get away with that these days Richard #GMB #SquidGames #Darling #RichardMadely @GMB.”

Lois Weston continued: “Did #richardmadeley just call that woman “darling”??? How she didn’t swear at him I don’t know! Just awful. Get him off. #GMB.”

Ian Probert added: “For God’s sake get #richardmadeley off #GMB. He just called a Parenting Expert on the show ‘darling’.

“She visibly flinched. The guy is possessed by #alanpartridge. But not in a funny way.”

More to follow…
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