Gemma Collins sticks a finger up at brands who wouldn't dress her size 16 body on Towie

GEMMA Collins has stuck her fingers up at clothing brands who wouldn't dress her size 16 body in the early days of Towie.

The reality diva, 39, appeared in last night's 10th anniversary special which looked back at highlights from the show.

But it also brought back memories of harsh treatment from companies who called her "too fat".

In a video to her fans, Gemma said: "I was never the prettiest girl on the show. I never had the best body.

"Obviously I was confident when I went on the show, but a lot of clothing brands wouldn't lend me their clothing because they said I was too fat.

"I was a size 14/16, and you know I'm bigger now, and basically I've got my own clothing brand. So to everyone who wouldn't lend me clothing or put me in their brands, what you got to say now, huns?"

A she delivered the killer blow she defiantly made Vs with both her hands.

The Instagram message also saw the successful TV star thanks her fans after being crowned the show's number one icon.

Gemma has been an ever present on the ITV show since 2011. Her popularity has spawned her spin-off Diva Forever series.

Over the weekend Gemma revealed her three stone weight loss in a fluffy corset as she twerked to Cardi B's filthy song WAP.

She looked out of this world as she slapped her thighs in a video on Instagram.

Sassy Gemma got into the groove wearing the tight lingerie, black gloves, diamante stilettos and lashings of glamorous make-up.

The blonde beauty, with her long hair in waves, mouthed the words to the popular hit – giving fans a taste of what they might see on her tour.

She captioned her video: "You WANNA see me WAP, comment below" and was bombarded with replies from amazed fans.

One admirer wrote: "On constant REPLAY ! 🔥 Oh and yeaaaa WE WANNA SEE IT!"

Another fan raved: "this is why we love her so much ! Yes to the GC"

And one more gushed: "Life made"

Gemma announced she'll give fans the chance to see her on stage in a video on Instagram last week.

She whipped out her camera phone after inviting a group of hunky lads over to practise in her huge back yard with choreographer Aaron Renfree.

Aaron could be heard in the clip counting out the beats as the men duly followed his steps.

Reality star Gemma has a theatre and dance background.

She grew up in Romford and attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School in Marble Arch, London.

Her fellow students included Amy Winehouse and Rita Ora also attended in later years.


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