Former Line of Duty star Craig Parkinson ‘rubbishes’ fan theory about Carmichael

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Line of Duty fans are convinced Patricia Carmichael is a bent copper, but actor Craig Parkinson seemed to rubbish the theory.

The actor, who DI Matthew "Dot" Cottan on the BBC drama before his character was killed off, was interviewed during tonight's The One Show.

Presenters Alex Jones and Amol Rajan grilled Craig ahead of the final episode, but the actor wasn't giving much away.

However, when Amol asked him about a certain fan theory, he remarked that it was "ridiculous".

The presenter asked Craig: "Debbie says I think Carmichael, i.e Anna Maxwell Martin, is bent. What would you say to that Craig?"

Speaking about the Patricia Carmichael theory, Parkinson exclaimed: "I'd say that's a ridiculous comment, go back to the whiteboard".

Alex added: "Okay, we're getting nowhere fast here…"

Show creator Jed Mercurio has now dropped a 'H' bombshell ahead of the final episode.

During BBC podcast 'Obsessed with… Line of Duty', he hinted that the mystery criminal could be a member of AC-12 as he hinted "sometimes our heroes let us down".

Craig Parkinson, who hosts the podcast said: "I've had sleepless nights. It's gone from poor Steve…

"Then, I was never worried about Kate until a couple of weeks ago, and now Ted is now the frontrunner.

"You know they'll have to be a national day of mourning if Ted Hastings Carks it Jed."

Jed replied: "It's great people are so invested. One of the things that’s helped the series grow is the fact that people have become so affectionate and supportive towards the AC-12 regulars and it’s great that we're seeing that added on with Chloe's character as well.

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"People root for AC-12. They root for AC-12 to stand up for standards and honesty and good practice.

"They want the bad guys caught and so the ax characters are kind of the audience’s proxy for that.

"So obviously they don’t want anything bad to happen."

The writer then dropped a huge bombshell as he added: "Unfortunately, in drama, just as in real life, sometimes our heroes let us down."

It's unclear whether Craig's comment was serious or if he was joking, but fans will have to wait and see if Carmichael is as villainous as she seems.

The Line of Duty finale airs Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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