Emmerdale rocked as Dr Liam Cavanagh struck off for misconduct in revenge twist?

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Liam Cavanagh (played by Jonny McPherson) has started to become suspicious of Emmerdale serial killer Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) in recent episodes of the ITV soap. In Tuesday’s instalment, he confronted her about faking a pregnancy, but the manipulative villain soon turned the blame on him. She warned the doctor that she’d report him for sexual harassment after he prescribed her sleeping pills. If she follows through with her threat, will Liam get struck off for misconduct? 

During the latest episode of the soap, the doctor caught a Meena rummaging around his office who claimed she was just looking for a notebook.

He asked the villain: “So how are you feeling?” 

“I’m still very down about the baby,” she unconvincingly replied while accidentally exposing her bandaged wrist to Liam. 

Her sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) gashed Meena while trying to escape from her clutches after being drugged and kidnapped by the murderer. 

While Meena had tried to bandage her wound, blood could be seen seeping out of the dressing so Liam said: “God, your wrist – how did you do that?”

“I broke a wine glass, it looks worse than it is,” the evil nurse responded. “I better go back to bed, see you in a couple of days or so.” 

However, Liam warned the psychopath he couldn’t let her leave the surgery as he had a “duty of care as an employer and as a friend”. 

“I am concerned about you Meena, your behaviour has been erratic,” he told her. 

“And now this, you’ve hurt yourself and I can’t ignore this any longer. I’m going to refer you for an assessment with the medical health team.” 

Meena scoffed and asked Liam if he thought her cut was some “pathetic cry for help”. 

He replied: “There’s more – I know you have been lying to me and you’re hiding something very serious indeed. I’ve seen your notes and there was no baby, there was no miscarriage, you lied.” 

Emmerdale viewers will know Meena pretended she was pregnant with her ex Billy Fletcher’s (Jay Kontzle) unborn child in a desperate attempt to keep him close. 

She said: “You have no right to fling these ridiculous allegations around. I know losing Leanna [Mimi Slinger] nearly tipped you over the edge but you’ve crossed the line.”

The criminal, who was behind Liam’s daughter Leanna’s death, threatened the doctor she’d make a complaint about his “predatory behaviour”.

Meena brought up the fact Liam prescribed her sleeping pills “without an official consultation” and said he supplied her enough to kill her. 

The villain, who actually used the pills to drug her sister Manpreet with, then threatened her boss she’d make a complaint against him. 

She warned Liam she’d tell the mental health team he’d been plying her with sedatives and sexually harassing her before slipping something into her drink at the Christmas party. 

Liam, who was disgusted by her twisted lies, replied: “I’d never spike someone’s drink. I am not – and never have been – some kind of seedy sex pest.” 

If Meena lodges a complaint to officials, will Liam get struck off for misconduct?

She can prove he prescribed her sleeping pills, so will Meena’s lies be believed over his version of events?

Emmerdale continues weeknights at 7pm on ITV. 

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