Emmerdale confirms surprise outcome of 'sudden death' story

Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) was left stunned in Emmerdale this evening when she discovered that she had been sleeping next to a corpse.

The startling news came after Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) was sent to wake up Tim the Harpist, who was set to play at the grand opening of the B&B.

As he revealed that Tim had been lying on his back, dead, Bernice came to the realisation that he must have been dead when she had woken up that morning, after spending a night of passion with the musician.

Things got even worse for the pair when terrifying reviewer, Belinda Foxton, arrived, and made it clear that she wanted to see the bedrooms.

Bernice was determined to give her exactly what she wanted if it meant getting a five star review, despite the fact that Tim’s body was currently decomposing in Dame Judi Dench (the bedroom, not the person).

Tensions really soared as Belinda made her way towards the door, soon to uncover the horrors that lay inside.

However, Bernice and Bob were startled when the door opened of its own accord, and out walked Tim the Harpist himself, dressed in a very flattering white outfit, befitting for a supposedly dead man.

Luckily for Bernice, Bob had got the wrong end of the stick, and Tim wasn’t dead at all.

He explained that he had taken a sleeping pill to combat Bernice’s walrus-like snoring (his words, not ours) and he had overslept as a result.

With the pressure of a death on the premises alleviated, Bob and Bernice were left to have a good time with their guests.

And of course, they got their five star review!

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Things were looking up for the pair of them as they sipped champagne outside, laughing about Bernice’s escapades the night before.

Bob made her promise not to get frisky during work hours again, and they laughed when she couldn’t make any promises.

Little did they know, Bob’s partner Wendy (Susan Cookson) was listening in, and had once again got the wrong end of the stick.

With Wendy suspecting Bob of cheating, here’s hoping there isn’t an actual dead body found in the B&B anytime soon!

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