Emmerdale 2023 predictions- Caleb is Chloes dad, revenge plot and wedding drama

Emmerdale has had an explosive year, which has seen the beloved ITV soap celebrate its 50th anniversary with storylines that changed the lives of its characters forever.

From a devastating storm that claimed the lives of Liv and Vicar Harriet, to the murder of Al Chapman, the tragic death of Faith Dingle and a number of steamy affairs, life in Emmerdale has been far from quiet.

Coupled with the end of murderer Meena's terrifying reign and Cain Dingle's arrest to protect son Kyle, the 2022 storylines have had viewers hooked.

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But as the year draws to a close, Daily Star has taken a look at the stories that fans think will unfold in 2023 and what viewers should look out for.

Caleb revenge plot

Emmerdale is set to have a new arrival on Christmas Day, as Cain's secret brother Caleb arrives in the village.

Caleb visits Cain in jail, but news of his arrival has left fans wondering how they are related – and why Caleb has really arrived in the dales.

One fan asked: "Who is his dad, Shadrach or Zak? Because Cain and Chas are half siblings and I'm pretty sure Caleb Dingle is Mandy's dad."

"I find it odd that he wasn't once mentioned by Faith, even when she was dying. She was desperate to reconnect with Cain. Didn't she say he was her only son too? Just a big plot hole here," agreed a second.

"I think Caleb is Faith and Shadrach's son," said a third, while a fourth asked: "How the heck are they going to explain how Cain knew of Caleb's existence for 40 years, but Chas didn't? Caleb must be Shadrach's son."

"Be interesting to see why Cain has kept Caleb's existence a secret since they were young though," added a fifth.

Caleb is the secret son of Faith Dingle, but fans have been left confused over who his father could be, with that story looking set to be revealed in the new year.

What is known is that Cain met Caleb when he was a young teen, with him having been in care and seeking out his family. However, Cain told him a devastating lie at the time – that Faith was dead.

Following Faith's actual death, Caleb has returned to the dales, and it seems likely that Caleb could take revenge on Cain for lying to him about Faith.

Caleb actor William Ash also teased a possible revenge plot during a recent press event, saying: "He spends the rest of his time growing up in care so he comes into it, when he finds out Faith wasn't dead, with a lot of bitterness, and a lot of anger so that complexity and having an axe to grind with Cain," said William.

"Yeah, he’s got an axe to grind but how he exacts his revenge, I'm not too sure about that or how much I can tell you."

Chloe's father revealed

Chloe Harris arrived in The Dales last year, after she ran away from her controlling and criminal father Damon, who is currently serving time in prison.

Despite being feared by many of the residents, he has yet to appear on the ITV soap – but fans think his identity could soon be revealed after Chloe discovered she was pregnant.

With the baby due to be born in 2023, viewers think that this could be the perfect time for her mysterious dad to turn up, with one saying: "With Chloe's shock pregnancy could this mean a potential Prison visit from her Dad?"

A second added: "Now would be a good idea to bring Chloe’s dad into this….."

"Was literally made out to be such a bad**s when she first arrived to know when he's seems to of been totally forgotten about ever since. Surely he would of heard about Noah at least?" said a third.

Meanwhile, fans have begun speculating that her dad could be one of the Emmerdale newcomers – Caleb Dingle.

Caleb's past is yet to be revealed to viewers, and viewers have worked out that he could be related to Chloe.

"Chloe's adopted dad or her and Amy's real dad? Poor Kyle with that family tree," they said.

Kyle Dingle's secret 'exposed'

Viewers were left in shock when Cain's son Kyle was exposed as Al Chapman's killer during a heartbreaking flashback episode of Emmerdale.

Kyle has been struggling to keep the murder a secret as his dad serves time for the act instead – and fans think it will not be long until the truth is revealed.

The youngster has been seen revisiting the site of the murder in recent days, with fans asking on social media how long he can keep the secret for.

"Poor little Kyle is in a world of pain though. His guilt over killed Al and having his dad rot for it in Emmerdale's prison. The secret is too big, and the 10-year-old is starting to crumble," said one fan.

"Kyle cannot keep this killer secret forever," agreed a second, while a third added: "Kyle can't be expected to keep his killer secret hidden for the rest of his life."

If Kyle does not admit his part in the murder however, will someone else expose the truth?

Moira has been seen telling residents including Matty that Kyle killed Al, with viewers left bewildered over her actions.

They have taken to social media to say that she could potentially expose the truth, with one commenting: "Everyone in the village will soon find about about Kyle.

A second added: "Moira might as well shout out from the rooftops Kyle killed Al."

Meanwhile, other viewers think that the arrival of Cain's brother Caleb could stir up some trouble – and that he could expose the truth in an attempt to release Cain from prison.

"Kyle won't be able to keep his killer secret forever. I think when Caleb arrives at Christmas, things will come to a head and then Cain will get released from prison," one viewer said.

"I'm very curious about how this Cain/Kyle storyline is going to play out," added a second, while a third commented: "Poor Cain, the sooner he is released the better. Hopefully his brother Caleb can get him out at Christmas when he arrives."

Chas leaves

Another huge secret looming over the Dingle family is the steamy affair between Chas and the late Al Chapman, which led to Al's murder in the barnyard.

But who will expose the affair?

After Cain agreed to keep the relationship a secret, fans think that either Belle could reveal the truth.

"I have a feeling Belle will be the one to bring Chas down over this affair. Only Belle and Cain know of the affair and Cain won't say anything because he knows Chas won't say anything about Kyle," said one fan.

Other viewers are not so sure however, with a second adding: "Only Aaron and Belle know and they won't tell."

Whoever exposes the affair though, viewers are certain that there is only one way for the story to end for Chas – with her leaving Emmerdale for good.

"I hope this storyline comes to an end and she's exposed," said a third fan, while a fourth commented: "Hope Chas leaves."

Meanwhile, other fans think that the character could potentially be killed off, as there might not be a way for the character to redeem herself.

Taking to Reddit with their theories, one user penned: "Is Chas being killed off because she’s beyond unlikeable at this point! How on earth can she come back from any of this!?"

Elaborating on the theory, they added: "She can’t. Her son hates her and blames her for his sister’s death, paddy will most definitely leave Chas taking Eve with him, the Dingle’s will side with Paddy completely, and now Cain – her last hope at any comeback, has disowned her completely, and that’s not even including any of the other villagers."

Wedding day drama

It is not just Chas' affair that is set to rock the dales, but also the truth about Mackenzie Boyd and Chloe Harris' steamy fling.

Mack recently proposed to Charity in Emmerdale, but fans are predicting that the engagement will not last – especially as his affair is set to be exposed in the new year.

One fan said: "Charity and Mack are so incompatible," while a second agreed: "The engagement with Charity and Mack won't last once she find out he slept with Chloe. I honestly don't believe for one minute she is happy with him."

A third added: "As for Mack and Charity getting married, well, that's gonna be another failed one."

"At this point a feel for Charity, we know this will be another failed marriage," said a fourth.

Romance for Gabby

While relationships are rocky for some in the dales, it looks like others could be in for some fun and flirty action in the New Year.

A new romantic prospect is set to be introduced for Gabby Thomas, as nanny Nicky joins the dales.

Played by Lewis Cope, Nicky will be looking after the kids while Gabby and Dawn Fletcher work on Kim Tate's farm – but sparks seem set to fly between the pair.

Fans are sure that Nicky and Gabby's romance will start from the word go, as one said on a fan forum: "No doubt his first scene will be a topless one," after photos of the new actor were widely shared.

Meanwhile, Rosie Bentham who plays Gabby has also confirmed that romance could be on the cards, telling Digital Spy: "Nicky walks in and Gabby immediately is like: 'Well, do we even need to ask him any questions? Like, this is just obvious!' I think she actually calls him fit to his face!"

She added: "We've been filming quite a lot together and Gabby and Nicky do get along well at the minute. So there's lots to come with that."

However, other fans think that Gabby could have her heart broken as Nicky could have his eyes on someone else.

Speculating over who a potential love interest could be, one fan suggested: "Belle? Been a while since she had a love interest?"

Meanwhile, other viewers have predicted that as well as romance, Nicky could have a secret connection to someone in the village, with a second saying: "He's bound to have a connection to someone in the village, that's the rules."

"I wonder which of the Dingles will be immediately shoe horned into his story," added a third.

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7.30pm

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