EastEnders' Mick and Ruby will have an affair after they grow close in Wife Swap challenge, claim fans

<p>EASTENDERS fans think that Mick Carter and Ruby Allen will have an affair after they grew close during the Wife Swap challenge in tonight&#x27;s episode of the BBC One soap.</p>
<p>The &#x27;Ball and Change&#x27; competition has seen many of Walford&#x27;s favourite couples separate and move in with one half of another set for a few nights.</p>
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<p>Mick and Linda were paired with Ruby and Max Branning, meaning that Ruby has moved into the Queen Vic and Linda is living at Max and brother Jack&#x27;s house.</p>
<p>It couldn&#x27;t have come at a worst time for the pub landlords, with Mick learning earlier in the episode that his wife had been caught drink-driving and pleaded guilty in court.</p>
<p>After a vicious row, Linda stormed off to Max&#x27;s – with Mick being left touched when he spotted Ruby tidying up after his and Linda&#x27;s youngest son Ollie.</p>
<p>Earlier this month, the parents were left devastated when Ollie was diagnosed with autism, and Ruby reassured Mick as he expressed his concerns about the schoolboy being &quot;different&quot;.</p>
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<p>Mick seemed touched by his &#x27;wife swap&#x27; partner&#x27;s comments, and fans at home believe that this could be the start of a scandalous affair.</p>
<p>Taking to Twitter, one wrote: &quot;Mick will definitely get the hots for Ruby now.&quot;</p>
<p>Another added: &quot;They better not start any stupid plot that will make Ruby and Mick sleep together.&quot;</p>
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<p>A third said: &quot;Mick and Ruby… Hmmmmm…. I sense a little spark…&quot;</p>
<p>The episode ended with Mick calling Linda to say that he was sorry for their bust-up, but she didn&#x27;t answer.</p>
<p>The famous doof doofs played out as it was revealed that intoxicated Linda had passed out on Max&#x27;s sofa following a boozing session.</p>
<p>While Mick is standing by his wife for now, Ruby&#x27;s kindness and Linda&#x27;s alcohol dependency could end up being the perfect storm for infidelity.</p>
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