EastEnders spoilers: Callum Highway terrified after Kheerat's arrest as he faces time behind bars

EASTENDERS Callum Highway will be left terrified after Kheerat Panesar is arrested and fears he could face time behind bars.

BBC One viewers saw Kheerat hauled in by the police for questioning over to the attack on Simon Atmore – who killed Paul Coker.

Callum will be petrified after he used his job to acquire Simon’s phone number, which would be implicate him in the attack.

It all started after Ben Mitchell learned that Simon has been released, leaving him adamant that he wanted to get revenge on the murderer.

Callum talked him out of it, but Kheerat had already hatched a plan to beat up Simon and went ahead with it.

Callum and Ben were furious after discovering that Kheerat had taken matters into his own hands.

Kheerat is held in custody as he co-operates with the police.

Earlier this week, Kheerat clashed with Ben as his plan to take over the Arches went awry.

Kheerat invested in the Mitchell garage in the hopes of impressing his mum, but Suki is was not happy.

Callum was left worried about Kheerat being so involved in the business –
Kheerat later announced he did a deal for some new business, leaving Ben frustrated.

They’re at odds over how to run The Arches and Ben tells him that he wants out, leaving Kheerat furious.

Suki later starts clearing out Jag’s stuff and throws everything in the bin much to Kheerat and Ash’s horror.

A police car then arrives and arrests Kheerat, leaving Callum and Ben filled with panic.

Ben and Callum await their fate – but can Kheerat be trusted?

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