EastEnders killer returns, Maya attacked in Emmerdale and 8 more spoilers

It’s the start of a soap week full of shocks, mysteries, returns and even celebrity cameos – and we have picked out the stand out moments such as Alison Hammond quizzing Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) and Maya Stepney (Louisa Clein) being attacked in Emmerdale.

Elsewhere, there’s a pregnancy shock for Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) in EastEnders and a brand new family arrives in Coronation Street but they’re not very quick at making friends after a prank, a revelation and a misunderstanding.

There’s also the return of a killer, a frightening riot, a heartbreaking funeral and a mystery unfolding.

Maya is attacked in Emmerdale

After Maya ends up in hospital due to an attack, Jacob blames David but Maya admits that it was a stranger who hurt her. Later, during a row, Jacob reveals something about David that causes people to turn on him so he takes drastic action and makes things so much worse.

One to watch:

Sharon discovers she is pregnant in EastEnders

Louise and Keanu reunite after she tells him that she is still pregnant after all and later, Phil warns Keanu to treat her right. Meanwhile, Sharon has found out she is pregnant and she researches termination clinics.

One to watch: Monday 10th June at 8pm on BBC One

Ste starts a riot in Hollyoaks

After Ste’s actions jeopardise an organised far right march, he sets out to prove himself by arranging a new, illegal one. But as things get out of hand in the village, a riot ensues and the community fears for its safety.

One to watch: Monday 10th June at 8pm on E4.

Robert and Aaron confront Lee in Emmerdale

Robert and Aaron head to the car lot to confront Lee about what he did to Victoria, determined to get a confession out of him. But when he offers them a test ride in one of the motors, they form a plan. But what will they do?

One to watch:

Adam and Sarah get it on in Coronation Street

Adam helps Sarah to regain control of Underworld but it’s clear he is after more than just helping her out legally. After he charms her, the pair give in to their passion but when Gary lets himself in to surprise Sarah, will he catch them together?

One to watch: Wednesday 12th June at 7:30pm on ITV.

Alison Hammond interviews Maxine in Hollyoaks

Maxine contacts This Morning with a made up story that Damon has left her while she is ill and Alison Hammond arrives to conduct the interview. Soon, the lie spirals further out of control as publicity around Maxine’s situation increases.

One to watch: Thursday 13th June at 7pm on E4.

Bailey says goodbye to Dinah in EastEnders

The day of Dinah’s funeral arrives and Karen, Mitch and Keegan are all worried about how Bailey will cope. As the service gets underway, Bailey surprises everyone by saying she wants to say some words about her mum.

One to watch: Thursday 13th June at 7:30pm on BBC One.

Graham and Andrea have a past in Emmerdale

Graham can’t believe his eyes when he sees that Andrea lives at Home Farm and it’s clear she is just as uncomfortable with having him around. But as Graham plans to get shot of her, Kim admits that she needs Andrea around to keep Jamie in her life.

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The Baileys arrive in Coronation Street

The locals of Coronation Street don’t know what to make of new family the Baileys when the move in – especially when Ed pranks Ken. Later, Steve realises that son James is the footballer that was knocked down and Aggie has some harsh words for her son.

One to watch: Monday 10th June at 7:30pm on ITV.

Bobby returns to EastEnders

Kathy – with the help of Kim seeing as Tina is nowhere to be seen – opens The Prince Albert and after a slow start the night is a success. Later, though, Kathy slips away from the club and arrives home to see Bobby.

One to watch: Friday 14th June at 8pm on BBC One

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