EastEnders hints Shirley and Phil Mitchell are set for a steamy affair behind pregnant Sharon’s back after clue in summer trailer

EASTENDERS has hinted at a major reunion for Phil Mitchell and Shirley Carter.

The pair – who are played by actors Steve McFadden and Linda Henry in the BBC soap – have a passionate history with many fans wanting them to be together despite his marriage to Sharon Mitchell.

And now the new explosive summer trailer has seen the former couple reunite for an intriguing deal.

Sitting, seemingly in Sharon's club E20, Phil smiles broadly and tells his ex: "Welcome aboard Shirley."

And Shirley, debuting a new version of her classic short blonde Bad Girls style cut, takes his hand and grins at him.

Could they be back together and re-starting their passionate affair? They were last an item in 2014 when they had an affair before Phil's wedding to Sharon before the newlyweds realised they did actually love each other.

Shirley was left brokenhearted and after everything happened with Phil trying to cover up her best friend Heather's murder by his son Ben.

She became enraged and took the gun Sharon had found and confronted them both before shooting Phil.

Eventually they managed to forgive each other and have rebuild their friendship with Shirley helping Sharon save Phil from himself when he gave into his alcoholism.

But could they get back together if Phil has discovered Sharon's cheating with Keanu?

There are other hints that Keanu's affair with Phil's wife Sharon has been exposed in the trailer.

Keanu is brutally attacked and tied up in an abandoned building screaming Phil's name.

Sharon screams in the street as if her infidelity has been discovered and she's been left homeless and pregnant.

And there's a vicious physical fight between pregnant Sharon and Keanu's mother.

Karen screams: "What have you done?" at the mother of her other grandchild.

* EastEnders airs Mondya, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights on BBC One

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