EastEnders arrest for Suki Panesar after violent clash with Honey Mitchell?

EastEnders: Janine is turned down for job by Suki

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EastEnders viewers have seen things take a turn between Suki Panesar (played by Balvinder Sopal) and Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) in recent weeks as their friendship’s fallen apart. BBC soap fans have been keeping a close eye on the pair ever since Suki made a drunken pass at Honey. According to official soap spoilers, the pair will clash again in upcoming scenes. Will Suki be arrested if she resorts to violence?

EastEnders viewers will soon see Suki issue Honey with a stark warning as the truth about their kiss comes to light.

The pair’s friendship has been on rocky ground since Suki drunkenly tried to kiss Honey.

At the time Honey gently rejected Suki but promised it didn’t have to change anything between them as friends.

However, Suki swiftly went on the defence and has been making Honey’s life a misery ever since.

In upcoming scenes, Honey is apprehensive about her enforced evening shifts at the Minute Mart.

She begs Suki for time off to go abroad with Janet Mitchell, but Suki immediately says no.

Angered by the situation, Honey bites back and insists Suki’s only refusing her request because of their kiss.

Heartbroken by the news, Honey tells Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) she can’t go to Miami with Janet, leaving Jay to grow suspicious of Suki.

Meanwhile, Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol) senses that something may be up with his mum.

Later on, Jay questions Suki, but she insists Honey hasn’t been performing well, leaving him seething.

Realising she needs to tell Jay the truth, Honey finally explains that Suki tried to make a pass at her.

Jay tells Kheerat who is furious and slams him against the wall, adamant Jay is lying about his mum.

Later at the Minute Mart, Kheerat confronts Honey for lying about Suki, but she attests her innocence.

Unable to get Honey to back down, Kheerat tells Suki what Jay told him, leaving her mortified.

Later on, Suki pays a visit to Honey, who makes another attempt at assuring her that she has nothing to be ashamed of.

Despite Honey’s supportive words, Suki slaps her, before issuing a dark threat.

Finally reaching the end of her tether, Honey turns the tables on Suki with an ultimatum.

She insists if Suki doesn’t stop her behaviour then she’ll tell everyone about Jags Panesar (Amar Adatia).

Suki previously confessed to Honey she set Jags up for what Vinny Panesar (Shiv Jalota) did and he’s now dead because of her.

Later, Honey tells Billy that she is going to Miami with Janet instead and Jay offers Billy to move back in while they’re away.

As Honey packs for Miami, Jay suggests calling the Minute Mart head office to get even with Suki.

But, could Honey end up taking it one step further by calling the police? She could report Suki for assaulting her or for framing Jags.

Will the pair be able to resolve their feud? Or could Suki find herself in trouble with the law?

EastEnders continues Monday at 8pm on BBC One.

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