Does Zeke Landon die in Manifest? Is Zeke dead?

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Zeke Landon (played by Matt Long) was believed to be dead in the first season of Manifest. However, he survived in a similar way to passengers on Flight 828 as he goes through a time jump. When Zeke didn’t appear in season three, episode 11, Duty Free, fans worried he may have died. Is Zeke dead?

Does Zeke die in Manifest?

Zeke appears to have died in the first season of Manifest when he was trapped in a blizzard.

However, he was found by Cal Stone (Jack Messina), a passenger on Flight 828 after seeing the Callings.

Zeke feels like he must find a woman called Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), who was also a passenger on Flight 828.

While Zeke wasn’t on the flight, he is connected to both Cal and Michaela.

Zeke believes by thinking about Michaela, he was given the will to live and survive.

In reality, he was missing for over a year and was resurrected in the same was as Cal and Michaela. As a result, the trio are brought together.

The passengers of Flight 828, along with Zeke, experience guiding voices and visions referred to as the Callings.

One of the issues with the Callings is they come with a death date.

It is inevitable each character will die on their death date but this doesn’t happen to Zeke.

By following the Callings and saving Cal’s life, Zeke appears to avoid his death date.

However, once he passes the date, Zeke no longer experiences the Callings and instead becomes a true empath, meaning he can feel the emotions of those around him.

Zeke can also feel the physical pain of those around him and it seems to be a result of his survival.

Despite this development, fans are worried Zeke may be dead after he went missing in Duty Free.

While Zeke does not appear to be dead yet, it is likely he will pass away in the near future.

How will Zeke’s story end?

There have been several theories about the importance of Zeke and his storyline.

The latest theory suggests Zeke may sacrifice himself in order to save Michaela despite their marriage breaking down.

Zeke told his wife they “need to talk” in the season three finale after she revealed she may still have feelings for Jared (J. R. Ramirez).

Michaela didn’t seem ready to throw away their romance just yet but it looks unlikely it will survive.

With Zeke still very much in love with Michaela, could he sacrifice himself to save her as he knows his death date has been gone?

The sacrifice would show Michaela just how much he loved her but also give her the chance to revisit her romance with Jared.

Manifest is available to stream on Netflix.

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