‘Dick may lose me!’ Angel Adoree opens up about Escape to the Chateau ‘problem’

Escape to the Chateau: Angel goes through children’s old clothes

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Angel Adoree took a trip down memory lane in the latest episode of Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau. After coming up with a special plan to redecorate her children’s bedroom, Angel found herself digging through some memories. However, she soon made a confession about the task she’d given herself, admitting it presented a “problem” for her husband Dick Strawbridge.

As Angel rooted through some old items of her children’s clothing, she explained what she planned to do with them.

She wanted to take the items that no longer fit her kids, Arthur and Dorothy, and turn them into something new.

Angel explained she wanted to recycle the old clothes, making them into special memory items.

Listing the different versions she could create, she said: “Memory blankets, cushions, could be a beanbag.”

However, it quickly became apparent that the task of choosing which clothes to use could take some time.

“Oh, see I’ve just found the first, sort of, few months box,” Angel told viewers.

“Awh strawberries,” she said while holding up a strawberry patterned babygrow.

“Now, this is a problem because Dick may lose me in here for a couple of days while I go through,” Angel laughed.

Delving into another box of clothes, she exclaimed: “What’s in there? Oh, I love that one!”

“How did she fit in there?” Angel questioned, as she picked up another item of baby clothing.

However, Angel did eventually finish her task and made it clear she was pleased with the final result.

After spending a lengthy period of time searching through old clothes, Angel successfully produced a memory blanket for her daughter Dorothy and a memory beanbag for her son Arthur.

Also on the programme, Angel gave her husband yet another challenging task as she revealed her big plans for Dorothy and Arthur’s bedroom.

She declared: “I know this room is big enough to be able to create a mezzanine level.

“I see stairs from about here taking them up to, kind of, two different areas,” Angel explained.

“Okay, that’s simple,” Dick remarked sarcastically, making it clear the DIY job was going to be difficult.

“Doable?” Angel asked, with her husband replying: “You can have anything, but not everything.”

Angel laughed as she swiftly realised she’d requested another tricky engineering project.

“Oh, man!” Dick said, as the size of his construction task slowly began to sink in.

Escape to the Chateau airs Sundays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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