Dermot Mulroney is a hate-spewing talk radio host in clip from The Purge TV show

In the first season of USA Network’s The Purge, Dermot Mulroney voiced the role of motivational speaker Bobby Sheridan. On Tuesday, viewers will be able to hear and see Mulroney as his character makes his screen debut on the show about an America in which nearly all crimes can be legally committed one night a year.

“Bobby Sheridan is a hate-spewing, Purge-backing, on-air personality,” says the actor. “It’s a great, slow introduction to a character, to be a voiceover in last season’s show and this season they put me on camera! I based it on a buffoon-esque stereotype of a Rush Limbaugh-type radio talk show host. I based it on the stereotype of those characters. In other words, I didn’t research it really by looking exactly at how one guy does it. I did a version of what I thought the most ridiculously convincing version of an on-air hate-spewing celebrity would be like.”

Mulroney thoroughly enjoyed playing the role.

“Yeah, I had a f—king blast,” says the actor. “Totally fun to be an on-air blowhard. I had an absolute blast.”

And what would the actor himself do on a real-life Purge night?

“Oh, I would have already dug a big hole in a basement and I would go crawl into it and cover it over,” he says. Stay out of sight, for sure.”

Exclusively watch a clip of Mulroney on The Purge above.

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