Denise Van Outen lifts lid on Johnny Vaughn Big Breakfast reunion rumours

Celebrity Gogglebox star Denise Van Outen says she wouldn’t get away with her wildchild TV antics any more.

The entertainer found fame as a presenter of 90s Channel 4 show The Big Breakfast.

But Denise, 47, said she would never be allowed to do the sorts of stunts that made it a hit.

There have been whispers that there are plans to resurrect the programme.

But Denise said: “It’s just a rumour. I don’t know where that came from. I don’t know whether I’d consider it if we were asked again.

“Telly is very different now – it was anything goes then, but I think it’s a lot stricter now.

“It’s so long ago I can’t remember half the embarrassing stuff I used to have to do.”

Denise will be appearing in Cabaret All Stars at Proud Embankment in London from May 28.


Meanwhile, as we reported earlier, fan favourites Denise and her partner Eddie Boxshall will be returning to the Celeb Gogglebox sofa show once more.

The Essex duo have been a hit with viewers thanks to their tongue-in-cheek humour and matter of fact comments.

While Channel 4 are yet to reveal the full line-up of stars on the show, Celebrity Gogglebox will return on June 4 at 9pm.

Chatting about the hit show, Denise told Daily Star: "We are exactly on Gogglebox like we are at home normally anyway.

"You do forget the camera set-up is there in the corner as you are just chatting and bantering.

"I don't think we act any different because we are filming.

"You watch a lot of telly and you forget you are also doing a TV show."

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