Decisions were made in Washington! Joe Biden savaged by Tom Tugendhat on GMB

Afghanistan: Tugendhat says ‘this is what defeat looks like’

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As the Taliban take control of Afghanistan with UK and US armed forces no longer in control at Kabul airport, foreign affairs committee chairman savaged Joe Biden. Tungendhat told Good Morning Britain hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid, the US President is responsible for the UK’s defeat against the Taliban.

He stated: “I’m afraid this is what defeat looks like.

“Defeat is when you don’t get to choose the terms of your negotiation. You don’t get to choose who you talk to in order to achieve your aims.

“That’s, I’m afraid, the nature of being defeated and the UK, because of political decisions made in Washington and some in other capitals, NATO capitals, has been defeated.

“Now that means we need to reorganise ourselves and decide we are going to change the way we act around the world in order to actually have the capability to defend our interests and our people.

“But that really needs a change of will, not just on our part but on engagement.”

It came after Tugendhat told the hosts: ‘I’m afraid you and your viewers have just been lied to this morning.

“It’s absolutely clear that groups who make up the Taliban, you can describe them how you wish but they are the fundamental core elements of the Taliban’s combat capability and government’s capability.

“They’ve been rounding up people and hunting them down in Kabul and killing them.

“I heard a report yesterday that sadly biometric information that was left behind is now being used to round up or to hunt out people who used to work for the National Director of Security, our intelligence partners in Afghanistan.

“Somebody I’m aware of has disappeared after being stopped at a check point.

“I’m afraid we’ve just heard a series of frankly dishonest reports. It is simply not true.

“Universities are being closed, women are being denied education, girls are being denied access to education and civil servants, female civil servants are being sent home.

“What we’re seeing is a slick PR operation masking a vicious death cult.”

Viewers were quick to comment on the interview with one posting: “Well we’ve been lied to for the past 10 years so I guess it’s what we come to expect… and now accept!”

Another added: “There was once a time when we didn’t negotiate with terrorists… now we just blindly believe anything they tell us because it suits us now for some reason.”

Many ITV viewers were furious GMB were giving airtime to the Taliban, insisting they found it “unsettling”.

One raged: “Absolutely outrageous that after the hell many have been through over the last few weeks, and still face because of the Taliban @GMB are giving them air time.

“I couldn’t carry on watching, never has there been an interview I’ve felt that angry and upset about. I will be putting in a complaint.

“No I’m not a snowflake, I just don’t believe in giving murdering animals airtime.”

GMB airs weekdays on ITV at 6am.

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