Death in Paradises Neville Parker framed by close colleague

Ralf Little responds to fan saying Marlon framed Neville

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It was an emotional moment for Death in Paradise fans on Friday night after Commissioner Selwyn Patterson (played by Don Warrington) arrested Nevile Parker (Ralf Little) on suspicion of murder. The BBC drama began with the detective receiving a mysterious letter which read: “A murder will be committed today”. Shortly after, water taxi driver Jake Dalton’s (Ben Tavassoli) body was found.

Neville and the team quickly got to work and Jake’s wife Rose Dalton (Cara Theobald) came under their suspicions.

However, she was quickly ruled out when Neville realised it was Rose’s boss David Cartwright (Patrick Kennedy) who had committed the crime for no reason.

But poor Neville didn’t have enough evidence to prove David was the culprit.

The DI was left frustrated by his suspect, and after receiving a signed book from David, he went back to his hotel room to confront him.

Although, moments later, David’s body was discovered and Neville was the last person to see him alive.

Neville was immediately arrested on suspicion of murder, but fans think the beloved detective has been framed.

They said to Ralf: “My money is on Marlon.”

Teasing the potential storyline, the actor replied: “I would love to see how that would pan out, that would be great.”

It is unclear who the guilty party is, however, Marlon once had a criminal past so could he have gone back to his old ways?

Following the cliffhanger, fans have been coming up with their own theories about who put Neville in the frame.

Some believe it is his new love interest, Sophie Chambers (Chelsea Edge) who recently arrived back in Saint Marie.

Others think it is the detective’s colleague, Andy (Kent Riley) who made a brief appearance in one of the episodes.

One eagled-eyed viewer thinks David faked his own death.

Responding to Ralf’s Instagram live, Sharon theorised: “Neville has been set up, his “friend” from Manchester is involved somehow and I don’t trust his girlfriend something odd there, and what about the man who was watching him from his car a few weeks ago.”


While Chelsea Jewel added: “I reckon Andy is involved somehow.”

Janet Smith shared on Twitter: “His old work colleague is on the Island. He is either Sophie’s ex and wants revenge or he’s working undercover as Sophie is a big-time crook.

“My friends think I am far too invested.#DeathInParadise.” (sic)

“#deathinparadise I think people like Robert Webb and Neville’s old colleague and Sophie are all working together to frame Neville for murder to get revenge on the cases he’s solved in the past and what that did to them,” Angie tweeted.

Death in Paradise returns on Friday at 9pm on BBC One.

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