‘Dark Phoenix’ Fires Up $5M, ‘Secret Life Of Pets 2’ Digs Up $2M+

School is increasingly out for the summer with ComScore reporting 62% K-12 on break today , moving to 70% on Monday and hopefully that will have some kind of positive impact at the box office.

Disney is reporting $5M for the Fox X-Men finale Dark Phoenix. Hopefully business isn’t front-loaded like Warner Bros./Legendary’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters last weekend which posted a solid $6.3M but came up short of its $50M+ with a $47.7M. Dark Phoenix is the worst-reviewed X-Men movie of all-time at 21% Rotten. Dark Phoenix‘s Thursday is down 39% from the $8.2M and $8.1M preview night respectfully made by the last two X-Men films, 2016’s Apocalypse and 2014’s Days of Future Past. Thursday night repped 23% of Days of Future Past‘s $35.5M opening Friday and 31% of Apocalypse‘s $26.3M. Both began over Memorial Day weekend with Days of Future Past making $90.8M over 3 days and Apocalypse $65.7M.

Dark Phoenix‘s showtimes started at 6PM with Imax events, followed by a full 7pm blast. The Sophie Turner-Jessica Chastain-Jennifer Lawrence ensemble film’s Thursday night cash is slightly under recent fanboy pics like Pokemon Detective Pikachu ($5.7M) and Shazam! ($5.9M) which went on to gross 3-days of $54M.

Last night Universal/Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets 2 drew $2.3M at 3,250 locations that started showtimes at 6PM.

That figure is down 57% from the first 2016 installment’s $5.3M previews which ultimately yielded the best opening weekend for an original piece of IP at $104.3M but not that far from Illumination’s The Grinch ($2.15M). Secret Life of Pets 2 is not expected to be as big as the original, but is poised to win the weekend with $60M over Dark Phoenix‘s $50M-$55M. However, the Marvel superhero mutant movie is projected to win over the world; the pic already bagging $15.8M overseas, $13M of that from China in its opening Thursday.


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