Danielle Lloyd shows off her 5lb weight loss in just two weeks after she 'really let myself go in December'

Danielle Lloyd revealed her 5lb weight loss in new Instagram posts, after saying she “really did let myself go in December”.

The former Miss England, 37, took to social media to share a series of before-and-after pics in which she documented her progress on her brand Miss Ketones’ 10-day challenge.

In both pics, Danielle stands with her shoulders back and her brown hair tied-up in a messy bun, while wearing similar white sports bras and leggings.

And though she looks taut and toned in both images, fans commenting on the side-by-side comparisons were keen to praise the “amazing” results.

Alongside a crying face emoji, Danielle captioned her post: "Actually feel embarrassed posting these before pictures I really did let myself go in December.

“I joined @miss.ketones 10 day challenge and these are my results!!

"Am so pleased although I’ve only lost 5lb on the scales you can see from my pictures my shape has changed dramatically.

“It was so easy 2 ketone drinks a day and eat as normal. I lowered my carb intake to get the best results possible but I did little to no exercise.

The keto diet is great but hard to sustain, so these exogenous ketone drinks are perfect to get your body into ketosis without the diet.

“Ketosis is where your body uses your fat as a fuel, hence the quick fat loss. Other benefits include energy, better sleep and better mental clarity which is something I think we all need right now!

“Am going to start another challenge on Monday as I want to continue to feel amazing and better myself if anyone wants to join me check out @miss.ketones now and DM them for a discount code.”

Ketosis is a metabolic state where there are lots of ketones in your blood – which helps to burn fat. The popular ketogenic or ‘keto’ diet is low-carb, high-fat, to help your body reach this state.

And mum-of-four Danielle is the CEO of Miss Ketones, which produces a drink that claims to mirror the effects of a keto diet – something she notes in her Instagram bio.

Some fans were wowed by the product’s results, with one writing: “Amazing – I am definitely going to try this, I have been so bad through this lockdown eating all the wrong foods. You look fantastic 🥰”

While another kindly added: “You’re before photos would be the absolute dream for a lot of women, you look great in both x”

However, some commenters slammed Danielle for sharing the pics in the first place, as well as promoting weight loss products on her page.

One wrote: “I can’t really see a difference in either photo to be honest just better lighting, better posture and pulled her leggings up higher.

“She should feel more embarrassed promoting this s**t to followers who look up to her.”

Another added: “Firstly, I want to say I think your fab! You look amazing in both pictures, it would have been fairer to be wearing the same clothes. 

“The sports bra in the second shot will always offer more support, therefore changing your silhouette, your leggings being pulled higher will slim your torso, your posture is held higher in the second pic which will elongate you! 

“Most importantly in the second pic you are wearing a SMILE!! This is the most important thing! You could be 10 times your size but if your smiling it shows happiness and this is what people see! 

“Your great, but don’t let yourself down by sucking in consumers at potentially there most vulnerable/low time with lockdown etc….we’ve all gained a little weight!”


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