Couple struggling to choose colour for their door get surprise help from postie

Lizzie Pocklington, 26, spent over a month trying to find the perfect colour to repaint her home’s front door.

Help came in an unexpected form: a note through the letterbox, from their local postie.

Lizzie’s jet black door had been sitting with six different colours of tester paint as she tried to figure out which shade was best.

When the postwoman spotted the door and Lizzie’s creative struggle, she decided to help out by scribbling a note, reading: ‘second green up from the bottom of door looks the best’.

She then slid that note through the letterbox – but unfortunately she was too late, as just a few days before receiving the note Lizzie had decided to go with a warm mid-brown shade, London Stone, and had spent £72 on the paint.

Lizzie, from Nottingham, said: ‘My boyfriend came into the house and said there was a strange message left by the postie.

‘I looked at it and just started howling because the postie had given us feedback because our door was painted with so many different colours.

‘She said she liked the green – which annoyingly was my boyfriend’s favourite colour, which is really gutting.

‘And now I’ve put it on twitter everyone seems to agree with her – so I hope I made the right choice.’

The science teacher said she’s afraid to post the finished product when they paint it this weekend after the feedback she received online.

She can’t afford to pay another £72 for a different paint pot regardless, so people will just have to lump it.

She said: ‘Eventually it was getting a bit ridiculous with how long it was taking us so we picked a colour, which was the one I liked.

‘Everyone online is saying I’ve made the wrong choice and she is a postie so she’s a door expert as she’s seen plenty.

‘The postie and Twitter all seem to think green is the colour to go with so I’m scared to post the finished product.

‘I’m just hoping it looks nice now. I don’t want to disappoint the postie the next time she’s round and sees it’s not green.

‘But the note made my day – it just cheered everyone up.’

Lizzie was told by neighbours that the postie was ‘incredibly friendly’ and she hopes to get in touch to show her all the messages she received online.

‘I’m hoping to get in touch with her so I’m going to print out all the lovely comments she got and leave it by the door so she can read them,’ Lizzie added.

‘She’s brilliant and everyone thinks so.

‘It’s just nice to have such a wonderful person in the community.’

Lizzie’s boyfriend Martin said he felt vindicated after pushing for green for months.

The 34-year-old recruiter said: ‘My reaction initially was that I thought the note was telling me to go pick up a parcel from a green door.

‘So I walked around for about five minutes looking for this door and then went home to see if Izzie could help out.

‘When she said it was actually the postie suggesting we paint our door green all I was thinking was “I told you so”.

‘I’d been saying the whole entire time I wanted the door green so I feel really vindicated at the moment.

‘And the tweets all seem to agree with me as well.

‘Plus Izzie has always wanted to go viral, so she can tick this off her bucket list and never bother me about it again.

‘She’s chuffed to bits and I’m happy as well – after a long month I’m happy the door will be painted finally.’

The couple have began stripping down the black paint and hope to have their shiny new door painted by the weekend.

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