Corrie’s Imran star admits he wore only swimming trunks in red hot court scenes

Coronation Street’s court scenes are some of the most intense in all of Soapland – but a lot more goes on behind the scenes.

And one star has now admitted he was forced to wear a pair of swimming trunks for the scenes as the set was so hot – an “unbelievable grind” to get through.

Charlie De Melo made his name as lawyer Imran Habeeb in the ITV soap, until his character was killed off last week in a car crash involving his wife Toyah.

But before that, he had plenty of intense storylines, including defending Kelly Neelan against allegations she murdered Seb Franklin, before villain Corey Brent went down for the crime.

Now Charlie has spoken out about the scorching hot scenes in a candid Reddit Ask Me Anything, with one fan asking: “What was your favourite moment filming Coronation Street?”

Charlie clearly couldn’t decide as he responded: “At the time it would've been the scenes in the Bistro with Jane [Danson] and Georgia [Taylor] where they were proposing a fake threesome to me. It was ridiculous, Benny Hill nonsense and I laughed the entire day.

“In hindsight it would probably be the two major court plots I had. The 60th anniversary stuff went down so much better than I could've ever hoped, although at the time I was just bricking it because it didn't want to come in at the end of all of Barty [Ian Bartholomew] and Shelley [King]’s hard work and cock it up.”

Charlie continued: “Similarly with the Corey trial.”

But he then dropped a rather unexpected bombshell: “It was 40 degrees Celsius in that court room, so it was such an unbelievable grind to get through wearing all that gear and speaking ENDLESSLY.

“(Fun fact, whenever you see me sat down, I was wearing a pair of swimming shorts in an attempt to cool down) but everyone was on amazing form that week and the camaraderie shown was something I'll never forget.”

Fans were left swooning at the confession, with one replying: “Damn! Where are the outtakes showing you in swimming trunks? Some people would pay big money to see your legs!! Naming no names, of course.”

To prove his identity on the thread, Charlie posted a snap of himself holding an old Corrie script, upon which was written his Reddit username.

He looked nearly unrecognisable without his traditionally sculpted beard and wearing a pair of over-ear headphones as he grinned at the camera.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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