Coronation Street’s Sarah Platt for epic clash with Carla Connor reveals Tina O’Brien

CORONATION Street star Tina O’Brien has teased an epic clash between Sarah Platt and Carla Connor.

The actress – who plays factory manager Sarah in the ITV soap – has revealed the two women will face off in a furious row over their husbands.

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Viewers know Carla’s partner Peter Barlow needs a liver transplant to survive and that Sarah’s husband Adam has offered to be a living donor.

However, Sarah becomes convinced he is doing it over the guilt of sleeping with Carla and convinces him against it.

And this week in a special run of 9pm episodes, it will spark a huge clash.

Speaking to The Sun, Tina said: “I think Sarah knows that Carla will likely blow, but I don't think what she is expecting is for Carla to say, 'You're doing this because you're annoyed that I slept with him.'

"I don't know if Sarah is doing it for that reason or not. Maybe there is a little bit of that, but maybe it's thinking more about their future.

"Some of the things Sarah says can be quite mean, and although Carla comes across as a tough cookie, I think she is vulnerable. 

“She's had a really tough couple of years and I think Sarah can sometimes say some things that can be a bit wounding, which are coming up soon."

Tina added: “Sarah is quite mean about it! She's quite strong in her feelings. She found out through Carla and there lies the problem. 

“I think Sarah feels that she has been left out of the conversation and Carla knows more than she does.”

It's her husband agreeing to go ahead with these quite invasive tests and I think she feels left out and hurt. She's not very sensitive about the situation, if I'm honest.

"The way she responds to it is: 'This is a very bad idea and I don't think you should be doing this. You're young, you're healthy, you have your life ahead of you, don't do it. Peter is just going to get drunk again and need another liver!'"

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