Coronation Street’s Peter Barlow will be killed off the next time he relapses reveals Chris Gascoyne

PETER Barlow will be killed off if he relapses once more in Coronation Street, star Chris Gascoyne has revealed.

The actor – who has played the alcoholic in the ITV soap since 2000 – has insisted that the taxi driver's latest relapse will be his last.

Viewers have watched Peter fall back on the booze after he was robbed by a thug earlier this month.

A well-meaning passerby offered him a hip flask and in a weakened moment Peter took it.

However doctors had previously warned Peter that his liver was so badly damaged by his drinking that one more drink could kill him – and now Chris has insisted that will be true.

Speaking at a press call for the soap's upcoming 60th anniversary, Chris revealed the next time Peter relapsed would be the last time – as he would die.

He said: "For so long now that you know every time he has a drink we can't keep saying, 'If you have another drink you could die'.

"So we had to finish this storyline at some point and then after this he'll never ever be able to drink again."

Peter's alcoholism will take a frightening turn on next week's Coronation Street when he thinks he's discovered who the man Carla slept with is – his own brother Daniel.

While viewers know Carla had a one night stand with Peter's nephew Adam, however Peter thinks it's just a mystery man she met at a conference.

Next week it will become clear he is still searching for the man's identity and his interest will be piqued when he discovers Carla had been visiting Daniel – his brother and also her ex-lover.

He will furiously accuse them of being lovers again and cheating behind his back.

All the while Daniel has discovered the truth – but will he expose Adam to save his own skin?

Or will their sordid secret be kept for a little while longer yet.

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