Coronation Street spoilers: Ray Crosby’s exit ‘confirmed’ in Craig Tinker twist

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The residents of Weatherfield are in the dark about Ray Crosby’s (played by Mark Frost) true intentions in regards to bulldozing several houses on Coronation Street into swanky new high rise apartment blocks. When his dirty work is done, could the crook be forced to leave? spoke to the actor who plays the businessman about what’s in store for his character on the popular ITV soap. 

Speaking about his character’s background, Mark said: “I knew he was a property developer, I knew he was a businessman and an entrepreneur. 

“He had a bit of money. The name, Harvey Weinstein had been mentioned, so I knew that there were there was an inappropriateness towards women, and I knew that he was ruthless, and he would go out to get what he wanted. 

“I knew that that was the case and I also knew that I had sort of a part to play in, Kim Marsh’s leaving story. 

“So, I knew those things and I was also told that he might burn fast and bright,” the actor continued. “And that it [my time on the show] might be relatively short lived – it might be a year. 

“So I’m already on borrowed time and actually, I was quite pleased, he started more gently than I had anticipated and I quite like that it’s almost like he’s slid into the street in a serpent like way and nobody’s really kind of paid him too much attention considering the amount of trouble he’s caused. 

“But it’s been in pockets of the street and I suppose the great thing is that it’s only been with a few characters, so the vast majority of the street, are yet – other than his sort of rumour of being a bit of a letch – they’re yet to see who he is and I think that’s quite nice. 

“And the audience too, we’ve got our suspicions but we’re not entirely sure who this this chap is,” Mark added. 

As for what it’s like to play villain, the actor said: “I  think what is quite enjoyable about him, he’s shameless in a way. 

“And I think as abhorrent as some of his actions are he’s kind of completely at ease with who he is. 

“Or at least, so it seems. 

“And I think that can be quite appealing because obviously most of us are wrapped by indecision and shame and guilt, and somehow he’s got a moral compass that allows him to square actions that perhaps we wouldn’t dream of to himself,” he remarked. 

In upcoming weeks, Craig Tinker (Carlson Smith) is set to make a dark deal with Ray. 

After realising Ray’s involvement in the dodgy deals, he is asked for his expert advice on how to increase his security for the Bistro. 

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Later that day, Craig arrives and Ray is no where to be seen, so the police officer invites himself into his office. 

When Ray does turn him, Craig is caught studying the plans for the redevelopment of the street. 

In a bid to buy Craig’s silence, Ray offers him and Faye a free meal at the bistro, but this doesn’t stop Craig from digging around a little to find out more. 

He casually asks Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) if there are any local development plans for the area and she says she will call her contact on the planning committee and find out for him.

Viewers will also see Craig drop by the furniture store and quiz Gary Windass (Mikey North) about the new building project. 

After a tip-off from Gary, Ray tells Craig he’ll put in a good word about him with the Chief Inspector if he keeps quiet over his plans.

To add to this, Ray offers Faye the role of trainee manager across his entire hotel and restaurant chain and while she is thrilled, Craig is left trying to mask his unease. 

But the businessman steps it up a notch and then threatens the police officer; if he tells anyone about his plans, he will lose his job in the police force and Faye will no longer be trainee manager. 

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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