Comedian Wyatt Cenac’s ‘Problem Areas’ Ends After Two Seasons On HBO

Wyatt Cenac’s Problem Areas is no more.

The comedian announced Friday on social media that the episode airing that evening would be the last.

“Tonight is the series finale of @ProblemAreasHBO. I guess we were another casualty of that dragon fire at King’s Landing?” Cenac tweeted on June 7. “Sad there won’t be season 3 or 17, but appreciate everything and everyone who made seasons 1 & 2 possible, whether that was working on it or watching it.”

He continued in a tweet thread, saying he was proud to have presented ideas to help “create change.”

“At a time when it feels like public discourse is toxic and change is a thing that only happens with elections or impeachments, it was cool to meet folks working to create change in their cities. Not definitive solutions, but ideas to build from that could be replicated,” he said.

Problem Areas followed the writer and comedian as he explored America’s most pressing issues. As he traveled to different parts of the country, Cenac tackled everyday inconveniences and used humor to bring solutions.

The documentary series debuted in 2018, and the second season premiered in April.

Cenac rose to prominence on the The Daily Show, and won three Emmys as part of the Comedy Central show’s writing team.

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