Casualty spoilers: Rosa shaken by poisoning bombshell and baby Bodhi left fighting for his life

CASUALTY’S Rosa will be left shaken by a poisoning bombshell and baby Bodhi is left fighting for his life in this Saturday's upcoming episode.

Expect many twists and turns in the BBC’s hospital drama, as terrifying accusation will throw Rosa and David into disarray.

Meanwhile, Fenisha finally discovers the truth about Ethan’s feelings for her.

BBC One viewers will see Ollie return to ED with more mysterious symptoms.

Rash is determined to get to the bottom of his illness and believes hat his symptoms could be linked to something he has ingested, and requests a toxicology screen.

However, it becomes clear that Rosa may be hiding something and her unusual behaviour does not go unnoticed by David.

While the staff are distracted, Rosa sneaks Ollie out of the hospital, on his request, to get a hot chocolate.

However, she’s left gobsmacked when Ollie immediately vomits after taking a sip.

Elsewhere, Rash continues to investigate Ollie's symptoms after his latest turn and is convinced that Rosa might be causing his symptoms.

Rash is left in a difficult position as he struggles with broach the sensitive issue with the family.

He decides to seek a second opinion but is shocked when Matthew seemingly confirms that Ollie appears to have been poisoned.

Matthew also informs Rash that the suspect would have had some medical knowledge, which further confirms Rash's fears.

Rash is left reeling from the discovery and battles with what to do next.

Rosa later reveals that she cooked Ollie's breakfast that morning, just before the symptoms started.

David feels uneasy as he spots Rash's growing suspicion and demands to be told what's going on.

Rash explains that they think Rosa could be poisoning Ollie, leaving David fuming at the accusations.

However, David remembers Rosa's late son Gabriel and he begins to doubt her.

His suspicions also grow when he sees Rosa forcing Ollie to drink some water.

Elsewhere, Ethan accidentally puts baby Bodhi in danger when he suffers an episode from Huntington's Disease and drops his son.

Mum Fenisha is horrified and rushes Bodhi to the ED, luckily the baby is not harmed but Ethan is overwhelmed with guilt.

Fenisha decides to cancels her evening plans with Matthew, as she is also left reeling from terrifying incident.

The paramedic decides to throw following Bodhi's accident and is sent to help a woman and baby on a dangerous construction site.

To Ethan's horror, the doctor delivers some harsh words to Fenisha and warns her to not be so careless in the future.

The conversation leaves Fenisha angry until she later speaks to Rash, who informs her about Ethan's romantic feelings.

She is left gobsmacked as she realises that Ethan is in love with her – but will she end her romance with Matthew to pursue things with Ethan?

Casualty continues on Saturday 12th June on BBC One.

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