Camilla Tominey lashes out at plans to reword Roald Dahl books

Camilla Tominey hits back at idea of re-editing Roald Dahl books

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This Morning guest Camilla Tominey hit out at changes made by Puffin Books to alter some passages relating to weight, gender and race. She branded the removal of colourful language from works such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory “censorship”. 

A review of new editions of Dahl’s books are now available in bookstores, it has been reported. 

“Roald Dahl was no angel but this is absurd censorship,’’ author Salman Rushdie penned on Twitter in recent days. 

“Puffin Books and the Dahl estate should be ashamed.’’

The decision was debated on Monday’s instalment of This Morning, with many viewers reacting on social media. 

LBC radio presenter Tom Swarbrick explained his children go to bed listening to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Danny, the Champion of the World. 

He stressed: “What is wrong with them hearing the description of a beloved author’s book saying that a person who was made up is fat or ugly?” 

Camilla replied: “There is nothing wrong with it. It is censorship. 

“I mean Salman Rushdie released a tweet about this and said it was censorship and complete madness.”

She added: “The central message in Dahl’s books is that good triumphs over evil. 

“Charlie from his impoverished home behaves the best at the Chocolate Factory and he gets to run the show afterwards. 

“With James and the Giant Peach, Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker, are evil people and he triumphs. 

“Even when you look at Bruce Bogtrotter in Matilda, actually yes he is the fat kid in the school. 

“He might have been mercilessly mocked but he becomes a hero.” 

This Morning fans were quick to comment on Camilla’s points about rewriting Roald’s villains. 

@TeethanTheJedi said: “The #ThisMorning talk about slightly changing a word or two in a Roald Dahl book is hilarious because they had to create fake scenarios to justify their outrage at “fat” being changed to “enormous” which if anything is better a descriptive for a kids’ book.” 

Victoria added: “Dahl’s villains are supposed to be grotesque. #ThisMorning.” 

Zayne remarked: “Re-editing the great Roald Dahl books because people today are too sensitive! It’s a joke how many other books are going to be forced into this? #ThisMorning.” 

However, Jay shared: “#ThisMorning the changes in Roald Dahl books I believe is about stereotypical narratives, writing off villains to be ‘fat’ and someone looking in a nonconventional way is something to be wary of. 

“The importance of the words of young minds in their home is so impressionable.”

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