Bryan Cranston looks totally unrecognisable during new TV interview

Bryan Cranston appears on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

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Walter White actor Bryan Cranston appeared worlds away from his drug-dealing Breaking Bad character after unveiling a bold new look during a new television interview. He looked totally unrecognisable while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week.

Cranston transformed into a blonde-haired DJ during the most recent instalment of the popular TV chat show on NBC.

Wearing a complete disguise, Bryan looked very different as he put on bright-coloured sunglasses, a patterned shirt and a pink jacket.

He joined Jimmy on stage for a live performance as he donned an impressive layer of fake chest hair to really finish off his transformation.

The show host didn’t disappoint either, also slipping into an outrageous outfit for the hilarious skit during his appearance.

The entire ordeal was inspired by a German Soap Opera, which they dubbed Das Beats of Ze Heart.

Bryan’s attire was inspired by a famous singer-songwriter who he had said he’d like to play in a biopic in a previous interview.

Chatting to Jimmy when probed on the topic previously, the 67-year-old said: “I think I resemble him, I’m old and craggy.

“So yeah, I think I can do Willie Nelson.”

It wasn’t the only transformation of the night after Jimmy later persuaded Bryan to wear a Willie Nelson-inspired wig and bandana.

Both outfits were far from Walter White’s signature get-up, consisting of facial hair and his famous pair of tighty-whitey underwear.

During the interview, Bryan was told that a pair of his underpants actually sold for more than $30,000 in a recent auction.

The tight pants weren’t actually ever worn by Bryan, but still fetched an insane amount of cash when going under the hammer.

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“The ones that are soiled go for much higher,” Bryan joked during the show’s segment.

He said: “People are crazy, who in their right mind is buying a pair of tighty-whitey underwear for 30 grand?”

Jimmy joked in response, raising his hand to suggest that he was the mystery briefs buyer.

“It didn’t go through on my Venmo yet,” the TV talk show host quipped.

After wearing his Willie Nelson look, Bryan asked the audience: “It’s a good look, shall I keep it?”

He added: “I’d have to ask my wife on that because she’s very sensitive of the look of the man she married 35 years ago.”

Revealing his wife Robin Dearden was actually sitting in the audience, he said: “Would you got to bed with this?”

The Tonight Show airs weeknights on NBC in the USA.

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