Britney Spears' ex husband Jason Alexander says testimony 'didn't even scratch surface of the abuse' in conservatorship

BRITNEY Spears' ex-husband Jason Alexander allegedly claimed her testimony 'didn't even scratch the surface of the abuse' in her conservatorship.

The @FreeBritneyLive Twitter account claimed to have an "exclusive statement" from Jason, 38.

According to the statement from @FreeBritneyLive, Britney’s first husband was supposedly "forced to sign an NDA" but he allegedly could not "in good faith stay silent about the things I saw happening."

The text claimed: "Even back in the day we all saw signs of Jamie's greed. He had his daughter on a tight chain then just like he does now."

The lengthy post continued: "I can say with fact that the things she reveals will be bone chilling to the core. Her testimony doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of everything she's had to endure and it goes beyond the 13 year conservatorship."

The statement also claimed Jamie Lynn, 30, has not "had a conversation" with her sister Britney, 39, "in almost a year."

The text concluded: "I know I'm really just an outsider in all this and most don't care to hear my opinion but I think at this point it's obvious any and everyone only wants Brit happy and healthy."

Last year, Brittany's ex was spotted at a #FreeBritney protest in Los Angeles amid her conservatorship battle.

The former hubby was recognized by a fan at the rally.

The fan captioned her Instagram photo: "Look familiar? Jason Allen Alexander is here!

“Britney’s famous childhood friend turned 55 hour husband (remember her Las Vegas wedding?) is here to support the #FreeBritney movement and rally here in LA."

The 38-year-old had spoken to his former flame before the hearing and revealed to Us Weekly : "This is an unfortunate situation that’s been in her life for a long time.

"It’s affected me and her, and that makes me part of it.

"I’ve been quiet for 10 years, and I feel [like] what a good time to come forward now with the movement making noise and the conservatorship hearings going on.”

Jason added: “I wanna see Britney get what she rightly deserves, and from personal conversations, she doesn’t want to be under the conservatorship obviously and it’s affecting her life still to this day in a negative way. And it’s time for it to be over.”

Jason was famously married to Britney for about 55 hours back in 2004.

Britney married her childhood friend Jason in Las Vegas in January but the union was annulled later.

The Toxic singer has been dating her boyfriend Sam Asghari since late 2016.

Britney shares sons Preston, 14, and Jayden, 13, with her ex Kevin Federline.

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